Digital Ally Receives Statewide Contracts from Texas and Minnesota

Digital Ally, which provides advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement and security applications, has been awarded two additional statewide contracts since the beginning of March 2010. The contracts allow Digital Ally’s products to be purchased at pre-determined prices, thereby eliminating the requirement that each agency or institution independently negotiate the terms of its purchases and allowing faster, less expensive purchasing.

In March, Digital Ally was selected by the Texas Department of Information Resources as an approved supplier of in-car video systems to state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies throughout the state. The contract supersedes and expands upon an earlier contract between Digital Ally and the Texas State Procurement and Support Services Division.  Agencies outside the State of Texas, including public education organizations, can also purchase in-car video systems at comparable prices, under the terms of an inter-agency agreement. The initial Texas contract expires in March 2011 and includes renewal options for three additional years.

In April, Digital Ally was also awarded a statewide contract for in-car video systems by the State of Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has indicated that 500 to 600 in-car video cameras will likely be purchased from authorized suppliers through a federal grant process during the first nine months of 2010. The initial Minnesota contract expires in April 2012 and includes renewal options for three additional years. 

Although these contracts only include video systems that are mounted in or on vehicles, such as patrol cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc., Digital Ally has entered into a total of 13 statewide and nationwide contracts. Between these contracts, all of Digital Ally’s current products are available nationwide under similar terms, including the FirstVu Wearable/Mountable Video System & Digital Camera as well as the Digital Video Flashlight.

For more information about Digital Ally’s video systems or available state and nationwide contracts, visit or contact Digital Ally, Inc. at 1-800-440-4947 or



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