The TROOPER Leather Eyewear Protection from Sight Rider

THE TROOPER solves the age old problem of how to carry and “protect” your clear or tinted RX lenses or sport sunglasses (like Oakleys). Though originally designed for use while riding a motorcycle, THE TROOPER provides a safe haven for eyewear under any duty circumstances and does so in a very simple, functional and stylish manner. THE TROOPER, and all Sight Rider products for that matter, are unlike other eyewear cases in appearance because they attach to  your belt in a vertical rather than horizontal position, hence the “holster” appearance. But the real difference is how they are made and what they are made of. Sight Riders are handmade in the Texas Hill Country from heavy duty 8 oz genuine cowhide and are built to last. But, although tough on the outside, THE TROOPER’s soft deerskin lining  protects your lenses and frames from being scratched or damaged. True to its name, THE TROOPER will give you confidence that your eyewear is secure and protected.

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