Ford Crown Victoria named 'best cop car of all time'

"It did the job at a much lower cost than modern cruisers. Many cash-strapped public safety agencies would love to buy these vehicles today."

By Sarah Roebuck

DEARBORN, Mich. — The Ford Crown Victoria, produced by Ford Motor Company, has been declared the Best Police Cruiser of All Time by Haloid Fleet, according to a news release from the company.

This recognition is a result of a comprehensive evaluation of the vehicle's performance, safety, reliability and overall cost.

Despite production ending in 2011, the Crown Victoria surpasses contemporary pursuit vehicles in Haloid Fleet's evaluation, driven by a range of factors:

  • Performance: It maintained pursuit speeds with low rollover risk and superior handling; it also sustained only minimal damage when hitting curbs.
  • Convenience: It offered a large trunk and cabin with ample space for police gear.
  • Safety: Its heavy-duty body-on-frame platform kept the vehicle intact in the event of collisions.
  • Reliability: The operating lifespan of a properly maintained Crown Victoria easily exceeded 200,000 miles.
  • Cost: Its plain features, reusable and readily available parts, and long production cycles meant it was inexpensive to buy and operate, costing nearly 70% less to own and operate than today's vehicles.

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"Many industry observers will question our recognition. But if you consider the Crown Victoria in terms of cost, reliability and utility, it's easy to understand why we chose it. It did the job at a much lower cost than modern cruisers. Many cash-strapped public safety agencies would love to buy these vehicles today," Haloid spokesperson, George Martinez, said in a news release. 

While the Crown Victoria receives high praise, a comeback for this iconic vehicle shouldn't be anticipated. Current federal fuel regulations and its historically low sales volume render the revival of Crown Victoria's production unfeasible. However, as modern pursuit vehicles see a rise in costs due to advanced technology and intricate drivetrains, the Crown Victoria's legacy of affordable and dependable manufacturing, which started in 1983, continues to resonate.


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