Calif. police department to add two electric vehicles to its fleet

One Mustang Mach-E will be used as a supervisor’s vehicle and the other will be taken on patrol

By Joanna Putman

OAKDALE, Calif. — The Oakdale Police Department is adding two Ford Mustang Mach-Es to its fleet. Officials say they expect the electric vehicles to be faster and more reliable than their gas-powered cruisers, KCRA 3 reported.

“This is going to be a lot easier for [officers],” Oakdale Police Chief Jerry Ramar told reporters. “I think it’s going to change their work experience.”

One Mach-E will be a supervisor’s vehicle and will not have a prisoner compartment in the back seat, the chief said. This will allow the department to give rides to residents during ceremonial occasions and “show it off to the community.”

The other Mach-E, which will be used for regular patrols, has not yet been finished. Mechanic Cody Williams told reporters that the customized police build-out of the cruiser is similar to the department’s fleet of Ford Explorers.

“The vehicles are comparable in price to the Ford Explorers, about anywhere from $50,00 - $55,000 and then to build it out, depending on what you’re doing with it, the build is anywhere from $20,00 to $25,000,” Ramar said.

The cars will include touchscreen computers and navigation, but officials say the patrol officers will use separate laptops to prevent data leaks. Ford representatives say the car will easily reach 100 mph during pursuits and the regenerative braking feature will reduce maintenance costs.

“Michigan State Patrol, I think they do an annual testing of patrol vehicles to see if they pass their pursuit rating and the Ford Mach-E at the time was the only electric vehicle to pass their testing,” Ramar said.

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