Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles To Showcase Specialty Vehicles With Customized Capabilities and New Technology at IACP 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada — Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles (XGEV), will showcase its collections of electric specialty vehicles and debut the first vehicle if its newest collections, the XFORCE PRO at the IACP Conference 2016 in San Diego, California on Oct. 15-18, 2016. The company’s full line of electric specialty vehicles including, the Sentinel PMV, Citadel ATV and Transport Pro UTV and the new, XFORCE PRO UTV, will be on display during IACP at the San Diego Convention Center from Oct. 16- 18, 2016. The vehicles will be located in Booth #5239.

The XFORCE PRO UTV is engineered with industry-leading suspension, heavy-duty brake systems, a full-color center console and instrument panel, and adjustable front seats with more legroom for comfort and safety. The XFORCE PRO UTV is available in standard and extended wheel base models, customized for sensitive environments such as outdoor or protected lands. The XFORCE PRO is designed from the ground up and assembled with high-quality American made components.

XGEV vehicles are designed with the latest technology and the most advanced energy management and electric propulsion systems. Each vehicle has the power and ability of vehicles with internal combustion engines, without the pollution, noise, heat or carbon footprint. All XGEV vehicles have the state-of-the-art battery systems to ensure the longest battery life, power and range of any vehicles in their class.

“Sustainability has always been an important issue for our company and now more than ever consumers and companies are interested in discovering new ways to decrease their carbon footprint,” said Neil Roth, chief operating officer of Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles. “The most important part of bringing Xtreme Green to the world is the impact our business will have on it, both environmentally and economically.”

Since the company’s founding in 2007 in North Las Vegas, Nevada, hundreds of XGEV vehicles have been delivered to numerous companies across the world, across diverse industries, including law enforcement, EMS, military, security and mining. The benefit for these industries is the advantage of a more powerful, more maneuverable service vehicle, requiring less maintenance and is cheaper to run than gas and diesel vehicles. Additionally, XGEV’s UTVs are considered Low-Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEV), specially designed to be driven on any street under 35 mph.

Most recently, XGEV received the honor of being named “Small Business of the Year” by the Las Vegas Business Press. The company was recognized for its efforts in seeking a sustainable and meaningful change in the world through the products they offer.

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About Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles
Founded in 2007, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles is the first company in the world to manufacture a full line of zero- emission lithium iron phosphate battery-powered specialty vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs and PMVs. Each XGEV has the power and ability of vehicles with internal combustion engines, without the pollution, noise, heat or carbon footprint. The gold standard of environmentally green products, XGEV vehicles are proudly made in the USA, in North Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, visit:

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