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Trikke introduces Positron XL, new electric patrol vehicle for law enforcement

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The Positron’s maneuverability and versatility make it an excellent tool for navigating crowded areas and interacting with the community.


The Positron XL features a number of upgrades over previous models, including increased power, range, and maneuverability

BUELLTON, Calif. — Trikke Professional Mobility is proud to introduce the Trikke Positron XL, the 72-volt, battery-powered electric patrol vehicle made for those times when law enforcement needs to amp up its capabilities to keep up with the increasing challenges of community policing.

The Positron is quickly becoming the personal electric vehicle of choice for more and more police departments, from the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police in Northern California to the Wheeling, West Virginia PD. Be it through already-existing models — the standard 60V AWD and the Elite 72V — the Positron’s high-performance features are an ideal solution for reliable green transportation. Each three-wheel vehicle comes complete with all-wheel drive, full suspension, and disc brakes, and serves as a stealth-like, emission-free transport for all-weather, continuous operation both indoors and outdoors and on and off-road. The Positron’s maneuverability and versatility make it an excellent tool for navigating crowded areas and interacting with the community. In congested locales, it can provide a faster response time than cars, making it an efficient and effective option for any operation.

“But sometimes more is better,” says Gildo Beleski, CEO of Trikke Tech, Inc, Trikke Professional Mobility’s parent company. “The newest model, the Positron XL, is fitted with new shoes and the much-sought-after wider wheels for navigating rough terrain with comfort, confidence, and increased safety.”

Beleski, the Positron’s chief engineer, notes that the XL frame has a longer wheelbase while the deck is two inches longer and one inch taller. The result: the steering geometry has been improved for working effortlessly with the new tires.

Another innovation, says Beleski: “all three wheels are now identical, providing extra grip and cushion for riding the not-so-smooth terrain of inner-city streets.”

Additionally, the wider tires allow for heavier riders (up to 350 lbs) and can be ridden with lower air pressure, which makes the XL more forgiving when hitting irregularities such as potholes and bumps.

“The power and torque have been increased to a whooping 3.5KW – a 17% increase over the Elite version,” notes Beleski, “and the XL employs new heavy-duty, custom brakes with larger brake pads for enhanced stopping power.”

While the standard and elite models remain the best options for mixed use indoors and outdoors — the new Positron XL is now the ultimate tool when it comes to conquering the (sometimes) mean streets of the city.

To learn more about the Trikke Positron XL or to schedule a demo, click here.

Visitors to the annual NSA (National Sheriffs’ Association) conference at the Devos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids. MI, will be able to get an up-close and personal look at the Positron 72V XL, to be showcased in the Trikke Professional Mobility booth # 746 from June 26-29.

About Trikke Professional Mobility

TRIKKE Professional Mobility is a US-based manufacturer and distributor of rugged professional-grade personal patrol vehicles with all-wheel-drive and a proprietary cambering design for efficiently moving around large campuses, congested areas, and public events. TRIKKE vehicles are quiet and ergonomic, with high-torque electric motors and heavy-duty construction. The frame folds flat for easy deployment and storage in a small footprint, and the lithium-ion battery can be swapped out for quick recharging. These vehicles are designed for around-the-clock operations and are currently in use by many police departments around the US. TRIKKE leads the law enforcement industry in reliable alternative transportation.