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PatrolEyes Klick Fast Molle Strap Police Body Camera Mount PE-KFMS

More Info: https://stuntcams.com/patroleyes-klick-fast-molle-strap-police-body-camera-mount.html

This quick release clip mounting system will ensure your PatrolEyes police body camera stays exactly where you put it! The PatrolEyes Klick Fast molle strap mount ensures that you will not lose your camera in a scuffle! Simply replace the original alligator clip with the new modified molle strap mount and you can rest assured that you will not lose your camera.

The straps on the mount will wrap around your molle or other mounting point then snap closed, giving you a light weight and secure hold. Compatible with: PatrolEyes DV1-2/DV1-2-XL PatrolEyes GPS DV5/DV5-2 PatrolEyes Elite DV6 PatrolEyes Ultra DV7 PatrolEyes WiFi DV10 PatrolEyes MAX PatrolEyes DV10 PRO

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