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From recruitment campaigns to PSAs, here are five of the funniest and most creative ways police departments have entered the world of “Star Wars”
“When things get heated, ask yourself one important question: ‘Do you want to be right, or do you want to be hurt?’”
The Arizona Constables Association is distributing free window clings to aid as a visual reminder of the presence of kids or pets in a car
The video shows an officer issuing a ticket to a Wookie for speeding in an unregistered vehicle
The group says that recognizing the signs of potential gun violence could stop an attack
A powerful and dark video from the #WeAreYou campaign
Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says heroin is “killing us” and hopes social media users will continue sharing the video
Wyndham PD posted an anti-public drinking PSA to their Twitter account
The San Francisco police union has released new advertisements that confront anti-cop hostility in the community