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During testing, officers found the TASER 10 to be much more intuitive and easier to use than firearms or legacy TASERs
A review of use of force issues, including the carotid restraint and other force options that have been constrained or discontinued, plus innovations and options for the future
Raising a Monell claim is one way plaintiffs try to get at the purse of the government agency in the role as the officer’s employer, supervisor and policy-maker
The man refused to drop two swords and was not affected by a TASER before he charged at police and was shot
Jason Jones, who doused himself with hand sanitizer and caught on fire after being TASERed, died in 2021 from his injuries
Axon said its “moonshot” goal is to cut gun-related deaths between police and the public in the U.S. by 50% before 2033
“The reality is that all force, all violence is ugly. But just because force is ugly does not mean it is unlawful or contrary to (agency) policy,” Sheriff T.K. Waters said
When the suspect attacked the officer, the officer’s firearm had been dislodged from its holster, leading to a struggle between the officer and the suspect over the handgun
“From our estimation, had [the suspect’s] bullet struck just a few inches away, it could easily have gravely wounded, or even killed, the officer,” police said
While the cruiser was moving, the back seat officer fired bean bag rounds while another officer, who saw the suspect reach for a gun, discharged his weapon
During the last time the vehicle showed up near the officers’ location, the driver attempted to flee by driving in reverse, hitting another cruiser with his vehicle