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Police departments can reduce active shooter incident response variability – here’s how
As a trainer, I must state unequivocally that the Nashville officers excelled in their response to this tragedy. And here is how they did this, by the numbers
The department, sheriff’s office and state bureau of investigation have steadily released information about the arrest and death of Tyre Nichols as the community and nation braces for the release of bodycam video
A mural was painted in the officers’ honor by American painter Steve Penley
Since the leak, media companies have filed a lawsuit for access, while families connected with the school have discouraged releasing the writings
Desmond Mills Jr. entered his plea during a hearing at the Memphis federal courthouse as part of a larger agreement to settle charges in state court
The district attorney labeled the deputy’s decision to jump into the suspect vehicle as “unusual,” but said that his use of force was necessary
The group painted “The Rock,” a campus landmark, with a blue line flag and other positive messages for law enforcement
Deputy Shannon Eric “Shane” Lang Sr. is survived by his wife, five children and eight grandchildren
Lawyers for Tadarrius Bean, Desmond Mills and Justin Smith argued that they could not have a fair trial if all five ex-cops faced a jury together
“I want make it clear that Officer Blakely is a hero. He lived as a hero and he died a hero,” Sheriff Tom Spangler said