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Public safety leaders reflect on the 21st anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks and the legacy of 9/11 in the emergency services
Communication problems, especially reliability and interoperability, are widespread and complicate preparedness, training and response
As the Paris and Beirut terrorist attacks demonstrate, the lines between international and domestic threats are closer than many police officers may realize.
The policy defines hate groups as organizations that use force for denying rights, promoting ideological goals or advocating illegal systemic prejudice
After the suspect drove his car into the consulate, he stood against a wall and made “multiple, rapid, downward swinging motions with the knife” toward officers
“If you have excess law enforcement protective equipment, my office will collect them and ship it to the Israel Defense Forces,” the AG said in a letter to all 123 Va. sheriffs
The delegation was near the Gaza strip for counterterrorism and antisemitism training when the Hamas attacks began Saturday
The tribute included the reading of the names of the 168 who died followed by 168 seconds of silence
The bombing, and 9/11 in New York six years later, changed the public’s perception of first responders
Officials believe the two shooters were linked to another anti-Semitic attack and were prepared to cause greater destruction using two shrapnel bombs
The man is accused of planning to bomb a white supremacist rally along with other locations as retribution for the New Zealand mosque attacks
At least 290 were killed in a series of explosions at churches and hotels
The man told a dispatcher before the attack that he had an affiliation with a terror group
Barto Pedro Orent-Niedzielski, a 36-year-old Polish native, died after five days in a coma
Shahed Hussain served as an FBI informant in two terrorism cases after pleading guilty to a federal fraud charge in 2002
Matin Azizi-Yarand, 17, faces charges of making a terroristic threat and criminal solicitation of capital murder of a Texas peace officer
The charges against 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov could bring the death penalty
Sayfullo Saipov, 29, left a handwritten note referring to the Islamic State group and was radicalized in the U.S.
Officials said one of the attackers in the Paris massacre was present for the Brussels bombings
The nervousness was felt far and wide
The report was compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center saw that hate groups increased to 892 last year
Police Commissioner William Bratton called the plan ‘unconscionable’
Police records show the technology has helped catch suspects in kidnappings, rapes, robberies, assaults and murders
Federal officials say there is no indication of trouble brewing
Civil rights groups sued in 2013, accusing the NYPD of breaking Handschu rules
The man wanted to use homemade guns and bombs to murder his girlfriend then all the troopers who showed up to arrest him
A knife-wielding man wore a fake explosive vest and threatened officers before they fatally shot him
Like his father in previous confrontations, Ammon Bundy says he is following directions from God
Police Commissioner William Bratton said there were no credible threats to the city ahead of the holiday