The Up-Beat: LEO bonds with child over Pokémon, cops save firefighters & other good police news

Here's our latest roundup of stories about cops doing good across the nation

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From small gestures of kindness to incredible acts of heroism, police officers help their communities every day. The Up-Beat aims to bring greater attention to these positive stories at a time when we could all use some good news.

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1. 6-year-old fist-bumps LEO at protests


A sweet ending to an INTENSE protest today. This is six year old James. Yes, his mother gave me consent to film him. Day 80 - #AtlProtests #TakeALook #StayTuned #InStoneMountainGeorgia #GoodTrouble #PeopleUprising #BreonnaTaylor #ReginaldArrington Rick Partypartyparty Richard Kirby Gene Wideman John Wade Andrea V. Watson Natalie Hall Quinton Davis Rashad Richey Rashid Brown Rolling Out Catherine F Rowell Monteria Robinson Robert Patillo DePhon Robinson Felicia A. Moore Andre Dickens Matt Johnson Matt Stringer Mawuli Davis James Woodall Marci Overstreet Amir Farokhi Dustin Hillis Joyce M Sheperd Ernest Trey Murphy Lori Hall Hiram Eric Jackson

Posted by Je' Wesley on Saturday, August 15, 2020

A young boy shared a touching moment with a group of officers working a protest. He later acknowledged that he wants to be a cop when he grows up. FULL STORY

2. Cops buy bedding, food for mother of 6 who fled abusive spouse

A struggling mother of six was aided by a pair of police officers in Dallas who came upon her barren apartment.

“She [the mother] literally was washing styrofoam plates,” Officer Reneeshia McIntyre told CBS 11. “I immediately said [to her partner], ‘We’re coming back aren’t we? We were going to take care of it.’” FULL STORY

3. Video: Sheriff's office helicopter rescues firefighters from wildfire

Night Rescue of Marin County Firefighters

8-22-20 6:00 AM – While you were sleeping … (Espanol abajo) Night Long Line Firefighter Rescue **Warning Graphic Language** Tonight, at approximately 8:15 PM, the Marin County Fire Department (MCFD) requested the Sonoma Sheriff’s Helicopter “Henry-1” respond to the area of the Woodward Fire, which is burning in an area of the Point Reyes National Seashore, southwest of Olema. MCFD requested an immediate rescue of two firefighters who had become trapped by fire on a ridgeline and unable to make it out of the path of the advancing fire. Henry 1 is the only helicopter in the region capable of conducting a vertical reference long line rescue at night. When our Fire counterparts call for help, Henry 1 comes flying. Once on scene, Henry 1 located the two Firefighters, who were trapped approximately 75 yards from the advancing fire. To complicate the situation further, the fire was creating strong, gusting winds that intensified as Henry 1 flew closer to the head of the fire. Henry 1 landed approximately a mile from the Firefighter’s location and the Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) configured the helicopter for long line rescue with a 100 foot long line. The TFO subsequently attached himself to the long line and was flown to the location of the firefighters. Upon arriving at the Firefighter’s location, the TFO placed a Bauman Bag rescue device on one of the firefighters and a Horse Collar rescue device on the other. Having a variety of different pieces of equipment on board at all times enables Henry 1 to quickly adapt to dynamic and dangerous situations. In this instance, Henry 1 was able to lift three people, the TFO and both Firefighters, simultaneously to safety. This enabled the rescue to occur in one attempt, as time was clearly of the essence, and limit the amount of time any of them were in the dangerous situation. We have included the video from our TFO’s helmet cam, unedited, and it its entirety. This video does contain some graphic language, but we believe it is important for the public to get an accurate representation of how a nighttime long line looks and feels. Most importantly of all, we are thrilled that both Firefighters are unharmed and in good spirits. Our society depends on First Responders to charge towards danger and place themselves in difficult situations, such as fighting a wildland fire in pitch black nighttime conditions. Sometimes, even First Responders need a First Responder, and nothing gets to these remote locations faster than Henry 1. 8-22-20 6:00 AM - Mientras dormía… Rescate de bomberos en helicóptero ** Lenguaje gráfico de advertencia ** Esta noche, aproximadamente a las 8:15 p.m., el Departamento de Bomberos del Condado de Marin (MCFD) solicitó al helicóptero del Sheriff del condad de Sonoma "Henry-1" que respondiera al área del incendio Woodward, que se está quemando en un área de Point Reyes National Seashore, al suroeste de Olema. MCFD solicitó el rescate inmediato de dos bomberos que habían quedado atrapados por el incendio en una cresta y no pudieron salir del camino del fuego que avanzaba. Henry 1 es el único helicóptero de la región capaz de realizar un rescate nocturno. Cuando nuestros compañeros piden ayuda, Henry 1 llega volando. Una vez en la escena, Henry 1 localizó a los dos bomberos, que estaban atrapados aproximadamente a 75 yardas del incendio que avanzaba. Para complicar aún más la situación, el fuego estaba creando fuertes ráfagas de viento que se intensificaron cuando Henry 1 voló más cerca de la frente del fuego. Henry 1 aterrizó aproximadamente a una milla de la ubicación del bombero y el oficial de vuelo táctico (TFO) configuró el helicóptero para el rescate de una cuerda larga con una línea de 100 pies de largo. Posteriormente, el TFO se adhirió a la larga cuerda y fue trasladado en avión a la ubicación de los bomberos. Al llegar a la ubicación del bombero, el TFO colocó un dispositivo de rescate "Bauman Bag" en uno de los bomberos y un dispositivo de rescate "Horse Collar" en el otro. Tener una variedad de equipos diferentes a bordo en todo momento le permite a Henry 1 adaptarse rápidamente a situaciones dinámicas y peligrosas. En este caso, Henry 1 pudo llevar a tres personas, el TFO y ambos bomberos, simultáneamente a un lugar seguro. Esto permitió que el rescate ocurriera en un intento, ya que el tiempo era claramente esencial, y limitar la cantidad de tiempo que cualquiera de ellos estuvo en la situación peligrosa. Hemos incluido el video de la cámara del casco de nuestro TFO, sin editar, y está completo. Este video contiene algo de lenguaje gráfico, pero creemos que es importante que el público obtenga una representación precisa de cómo se ve y se siente una larga fila nocturna. Lo más importante de todo es que estamos encantados de que ambos Bomberos estén ilesos y de buen humor. Nuestra sociedad depende de los socorristas para que carguen contra el peligro y se coloquen en situaciones difíciles, como combatir un incendio forestal en condiciones nocturnas muy oscuras. A veces, incluso los primeros respondedores necesitan un primer respondedor, y nada llega a estas ubicaciones remotas más rápido que Henry 1.

Posted by Sonoma Sheriff on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Police came to the aid of two firefighters battling one of the many blazes that have raged through Northern California over the past several weeks. FULL STORY

4. Sheriff and world-champion martial artist team up to stop bullying

Starting next month, deputies will read to students online as part of an initiative to stop bullying in schools. FULL STORY

5. Cop calms 9-year-old by bonding over Pokémon


Recently, one of our officers responded to a call and came into contact with a 9-year-old who was very upset. The...

Posted by Bakersfield Police Department on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A touching moment between an officer and a young boy ended with the child giving the LEO a good luck charm for protection. FULL STORY

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