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Trace Eye-D is at the forefront of innovation in the field of colorimetric solutions for detecting drugs and explosives, revolutionizing security, and safety measures worldwide. Our technology, coupled with a commitment to simplicity and effectiveness, has positioned us as a global leader in the development of disposable wipe products for rapid substance detection.

At Trace Eye-D, we understand the critical importance of swiftly identifying potential threats while maintaining user-friendliness. Our disposable wipes are designed to empower security personnel, law enforcement agencies, and organizations with an efficient and accurate means of substance detection.

Key highlights of Trace Eye-D:

1. **Advanced Colorimetric Technology**: We leverage compliant colorimetric chemistry to provide quick and easy-to-interpret results. Our solutions offer reliable identification of drugs and explosives through distinct color changes.

2. **Simplicity in Application**: Our patented and patent pending disposable wipes are easy to use, requiring minimal training. Users can swiftly perform on-site tests, enhancing security protocols without unnecessary complexity.

3. **Versatility**: Trace Eye-D’s products can be tailored to detect a wide range of substances, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for various security scenarios.

4. **Safety First**: We prioritize safety in all our products, providing an invaluable layer of protection for those on the frontlines of security.

Join us in our mission to create a safer world through innovation. Trace Eye-D is dedicated to equipping organizations with the tools they need to detect potential threats swiftly, reliably, and conveniently

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