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Community outreach officer Lexi Benson has a mid-shift change of uniform
Shot nine times while patrolling alone in a remote location, Young shares the survival lessons of his brutal attack
A memoir of Detective Mike King’s 1991 investigation and ultimate take-down of a deviant polygamous cult called the Zion Society
The man surrendered after initially fleeing police in the USPS truck, but he bit an officer’s hand as he was being arrested
Deputy Emaloni Takitoa Lutui, 20, helped the woman out of the water before he sank beneath the ice; he had become a deputy just weeks before the incident
Several South Salt Lake Police officers walked Officer David P. Romrell’s son, Jackson, to school for his first day of kindergarten
The suspect posted online that he was planning to dig out a camouflage suit and “clean the dust off the m24 sniper rifle,” according to court documents
The two Tooele Police Department officers shot out the car’s back window and successfully pulled the 12-year-old girl to shore
The situation was described as “highly chaotic and rapidly evolving,” which led to additional rounds being fired by both the responding officers and the suspect
“I just see myself as a regular trooper,” said Sgt. Chad McCoy about the praise he has received for crashing into a wrong-way driver
The doctor was traveling to the airport when he noticed the wounded trooper on the side of the road after he’d been shot during a traffic stop