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The truck is built on a Ford F59 chassis and features extreme duty storage compartments, weapons cabinet and more
La Crosse police work hard to keep the peace during Octoberfest, and this year, a perimeter protection plan was introduced to prevent a Waukesha-style attack
Therapy dog Tucker assists the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Police and Security Services in interacting with students
The city of Monona reinstated the police department’s policy that allows officers to pursue in cases where suspects “pose a danger to public safety”
Police Chief Brian Chaney stated the department “has decided to temporarily focus our priorities on suspects who we believe to be involved in dangerous and violent felony offenses”
“I am tired of the harassment of this village board and all the crap I’ve been dealing with throughout the years,” an officer said during a December board meeting
“One of my supervisors didn’t realize that there were as many deaf people in the county until I worked here,” Deputy Preston Kite said. “He’s surprised by the amount of times I’m called out somewhere”
Officer Peter Jerving, who died in February, and Officer Jimmy Nowak served together at the Milwaukee Police Department for four years
The suspect ran across the freeway and hid inside the porta-potty; a golfer pushed it over to trap him inside
Dashcam video shows the officer opening the driver’s side door as the suspect drove away, dragging the officer around 20 feet
Daniel Barton is facing misdemeanor charges after two separate incidents of stealing cruisers during traffic stops
Milwaukee PD officers serving on an FBI task force had trapped a suspect’s car with an undercover police vehicle when the car surged forward and pinned the officer
The elimination of the PD would make Big Bend the eighth community in Waukesha County to have police services covered by the sheriff’s office
The Madison Police Department has added six community outreach officers through a federal COPS grant as part of the department’s initiative to combat crime
The deputies were at Lake Michigan when they noticed two juveniles drowning; the deputies swam about 60 yards to get the kids, battling 4 foot waves along the way
Bystanders helped free the officer from the cruiser before the fire reached the passenger side of the car, later engulfing the entire vehicle in flames
Sturgeon Bay Officer Andrew Crabb was nearing the end of his overnight shift when he saw smoke at a barn; He ran across a field and found trapped cows
“Upon arrival, deputies were able to utilize some tools and retrieve the giant nope rope and secure it,” the sheriff’s office said
Report: The suspect “walked up to Officer Scheel, who was no longer able to defend himself, and shot him twice at close range”
“The fact we’re barely five months into the year is beyond alarming,” Jim Palmer, executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association said
During a conversation about field sobriety tests, Jeremiah Johnson was “evasive,” drew a handgun and shot St. Croix County Deputy Kaitie Leising
Prosecutors sought at least 20 years in prison for the former student who stabbed the officer in the neck with a barbecue fork multiple times
The WalletHub report compares 45 of the largest U.S. cities to identify which cities are grappling with the most significant homicide rates
The officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the 84-year-old driver did not pull over
City officials asked what would happen to police operations if the department lost 25% of its budget
You never know what you will be called to do
Emily Breidenbach, 32, and Hunter Scheel, 23, were killed last week in a shootout with a suspect
Officer Hunter Scheel was in the Army National Guard and volunteered for Afghanistan, and Officer Emily Breidenbach was engaged to be married
Hours before stealing a car, Terrell Thompson had appeared in court for hit-and-run charges and was placed on probation