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Best practices for police incident planning during unprecedented times (eBook)

From COVID-19 to public demonstrations, incident planning is critical for law enforcement


Agencies need an incident management plan more than ever during events like a pandemic.


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As the number of cases of COVID-19 increases globally, law enforcement agencies should be prepared for the likelihood that the virus will impact their communities. The pandemic has amplified the need for an incident management plan among agencies that face not just the pandemic, but also other emergencies as well. We’re all living during unprecedented times and this requires leaders to properly main areas in our agencies: planning and communication.

By downloading this eBook, you’ll learn how

  • Agencies are leveraging their lessons learned during mass-casualty incidents to effectively respond to emergencies like COVID-19.
  • Leadership can plan, develop, implement and communicate incident management best practices that streamline operations.
  • Agencies effectively communicate their incident response plan to all personnel across all levels of law enforcement.

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