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We explain the types of cases, share our favorites for police challenge coins and offer a few tips to choose the right case
Read about retired Deputy Sheriff Teresa Fitzgerald’s successful transition from law enforcement to the private sector, as told by author and police veteran Colin Whittington
Twenty years after LEOSA was passed, the newly proposed LEOSA Reform Act of 2024 aims to expand the rights of qualified law enforcement officers and retirees
A Haverhill officer is one of two people challenging a maximum age requirement in a civil service test
The city failed to withhold the correct percentage for the pension fund after a retroactive pay raise and is now asking officers to contribute that money plus interest
Officials said the return-to-work officers will earn $31.89 an hour for their first year back, including longevity pay once the hiring packet is completed
Four years ago, my unceremonious retirement from police work was transformed by an act of kindness from a fellow cop
Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, planning ahead is key to a hassle-free trip when traveling with a concealed carry firearm
Our handy guide helps you make informed choices about cruise lengths, packing essentials and pre-cruise preparation
The maneuver will allow Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw to collect his annual pension payment worth at least $96,000 while receiving an annual salary of $241,000
Retired South Bend Police Lt. Gene Eyster knew the boy as “Baby Jesus,” because he was found days before Christmas
The program is currently being implemented in four Chandler elementary schools where sixth graders are taught four classes covering topics such as leadership and cyber dilemmas
The move marks an effort to slow rising turnover rate and maintain staffing levels
Retirement may initially seem like an escape from the daily grind, but the excitement can wear off
Retired detectives Dave Johnson, Mike Blankenbaker and Tom Dittmar, along with retired judge David Elofson are taking a closer look at cases on file at the Yakima Police Department that have no active leads or new evidence
“It’s never too early to plan your law enforcement retirement, but it’s also never too late.”
With the benefit of hindsight, I can share that my physical training regimen allowed me to retire physically, legally and emotionally undefeated after a career full of challenges
Aldermen are considering raising the mandatory retirement age from 63 to 65; the officer deployment study is required by the department’s consent decree
The decision rejected claims by a group of police officers and firefighters that the move would violate the state constitution’s guarantee that benefits “shall not be diminished or impaired”
"[Mr. Warner] had over 500 apprehensions. He worked hard,” K-9 handler Eric Blair said. “These dogs do so much and ask for so little. He just wants a bone and a toy”
“You’re police, no matter how long you’ve been gone and I’ve been gone for some time,” Kenneth Dodson said
Retirement should be one of the best times of your life, but a good retirement means planning ahead
From adjusting to new routines to supporting individual hobbies, retired LE couples can thrive and find joy in this new phase of life
The three members of the Sheriff’s Team of Active Retirees were taken to a hospital for treatment, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said
Police Chief Hollie Chadwick stated that although they have enough patrol officers, the PD lacks roles like PIOs, cold case detectives and animal control
“Both professions are good at recruiting members in but are lacking in adequately preparing members to exit out.”
“It’s time for me to hang it up, so I won’t run again,” said Sheriff Cullen Talton, who was first elected in 1972
“Please hold your heads up, keep fighting the good fight and honor the profession by keeping the citizens of this city safe,” Chief Joseph Chacon said
Former community protecters bring with them experiences and skills that prove valuable in navigating the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship