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Policing Matters is a weekly law enforcement podcast bringing you the latest news and critical issues impacting police officers. Listen as Police1 columnist and deputy chief Jim Dudley (ret.) sits down with law enforcement and criminal justice experts from across the country to talk strategy and trends in policing.

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Dr. Patricia Kay Reyna shares her family’s ordeal following a devastating on-duty accident that left her husband, a North Carolina State Highway Patrol Master Trooper, with a traumatic brain injury
The journey to effective leadership in policing through experience, mentorship and continuous learning
“What CRITAC offers is a vehicle for agencies to receive training and technical assistance and support of projects at no cost.”
Jamie Borden shares critical insights on preparing for a post-incident interview, highlighting the nuances between an officer’s perceived truth and the established facts
Jamie Borden discusses the nuances and complexities officers face when engaging with an unarmed but potentially assaultive individual
Jamie Borden on the importance of officers being alert, prepared and constantly running through “what if” scenarios
Jamie Borden discusses how de-escalation is not just a tactic but a goal, achieved through a range of tactical endeavors based on the dynamic circumstances officers face
Jamie Borden urges officers to seek continuous training in self-defense and defensive tactics to ensure their safety and effectiveness
Jamie Borden delves into the adequacy of current fitness standards for law enforcement officers
Jamie Borden explores the limitations of academy training and advocates for self-investment to bridge the gap between knowledge and proficiency in policing
“It’s never too early to plan your law enforcement retirement, but it’s also never too late.”
A deep dive into the evolution of policing strategies through the lens of evidence-based methods, highlighting the shift toward more analytical and outcome-focused practices in law enforcement
Detective Lindsey Wade offers a look into the heart and science behind solving cold cases, showcasing how technology and determination can come together to illuminate the darkest of mysteries
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Lindsey Wade about the intricacies of cold case investigations
How law enforcement agencies from California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska are joining forces to address critical public safety issues and advocate for meaningful legislative reform
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Brian Marvel about the formation of the West Coast Law Enforcement Coalition
Detective Matt Hutchison uncovers the innovative techniques and relentless pursuit that bring long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Detective Matt Hutchison about how he brings long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
Exploring new strategies for reducing gun deaths through research and data analysis
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Axon’s experts to unravel the complexities of officer-involved shootings and the potential for reducing gun fatalities
Chris Broomell from discusses law enforcement firearms and training
Jonathan Wender, Ph.D., discusses the impact of TrustStat AI on police work and community interactions
This pioneering approach links police workload with financial planning
Solutions and insights for protecting public safety networks from cyberattacks
How policies and training empower effective enforcement in San Diego
Every year, Police1 breaks down United States Supreme Court rulings of significance to law enforcement
Take a deep dive into the hot-button topics impacting policing nationwide with Policing Matters host Jim Dudley and Chief Joel Shults
Redefining the landscape of traffic enforcement in a society increasingly focused on police reform and community safety
“Great leadership is needed at more than just the bridge; it is needed at every level of the organization.”
“This is about the opportunity to function as a guardian before we have to function as a warrior.”