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Capturing the state-of-the-industry

Utilizing our annual State of the Industry survey as a launching point, Police1 delves into the critical issues facing law enforcement and the changes officers want to see in their profession. “What Cops Want” is a movement aimed at reshaping the future of policing. By giving patrol officers a platform to be heard and driving insightful discussions around their feedback, we aim to foster a more satisfying and effective law enforcement environment.

Download this in-depth analysis of Police1’s State of the Industry survey on officer wellbeing
Dive into the insights of 2,833 officers on their wellness needs and find out how police leaders can lead the way in implementing support strategies
Download this in-depth analysis of Police1’s State of the Industry survey on the police recruitment and retention crisis
Our expert panel discusses key insights from Police1’s State of the Industry survey on the impact of short staffing, mass retirements and lateral transfers
The “What Cops Want in 2024” survey results indicate that the work of policing exacts a heavy toll on the health and wellness of those who serve and protect our communities
Leaders should be alarmed by this data, which indicates widespread issues affecting morale irrespective of location, suggesting systemic problems within departments
Feedback from officers in Police1’s State of the Industry survey reveals widespread dissatisfaction, with many planning to leave their positions and hesitating to recommend law enforcement as a career choice
Data from the “What Cops Want” survey suggests a difference in how female and male officers feel valued, indicating a gap in workplace culture and environment
Candid feedback from officers in Police1’s State of the Industry survey highlights actionable steps supervisors can take to create a culture where officers feel valued and supported
Officers sound off on what they need from their supervisors and leaders to perform at their peak in Police1’s State of the Industry survey
Through a unique blend of mentorship, wellness and community engagement, Dayton PD’s program equips recruits with the tools to thrive in their careers
As law enforcement agencies face a dual crisis of attracting new recruits and retaining seasoned officers, the sharing of real-world experiences and strategies is vital
Shortages are especially acute in California, where declining support for the police has been intensified by legislation and regulatory policies
The Phoenix Police Department hasn’t been spared the national factors impacting police recruitment and retention. Yet, in 2023, the department saw a year-end gain in officers
The first-line supervisor holds a unique position to guide and protect their team in ways unmatched by anyone else in the department
Nurses can travel freely — could a similar licensing approach help police personnel shortages?
Participants from over 35 states and Canada recently convened to address the growing difficulties in filling law enforcement vacancies
Create a framework for implementing short-term solutions and long-term strategies to improve police officer recruitment in your agency
Police1’s “What Cops Want” survey highlights not street-level trauma but internal administrative practices as a primary reason for the exodus of police officers
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How Utility’s LPR solutions are setting new standards in public safety and policing efficiency
Best practices and insider tips
Here’s what your peers place as a priority