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“Women in Law Enforcement” is dedicated to highlighting the unique challenges and accomplishments of female officers within the force. We focus on key issues facing female police officers, including workplace diversity, overcoming gender biases, and navigating the physical and mental demands of the job in a traditionally male-dominated field. We shed light on initiatives aimed at increasing the representation and success of women in law enforcement, and emphasize the importance of female leadership within law enforcement, showcasing the inspiring journeys of women who have risen to leadership roles.

Meet Alison Funaiock: Newport News Police Department’s trailblazing captain, former SWAT sniper and community advocate
Meet Mary Nero: Greensboro Police Department’s lone homicide victim advocate who managed a record 74 homicide cases in a single year
Meet Andrea Cortez, a 17-year law enforcement veteran and analyst at Elk Grove (Calif.) Police Department’s Real-Time Information Center
For Officer Macarena Garner, becoming an RTO is a dream fulfilled
Meet Lieutenant Jackie Pearson, a 26-year officer and resilience instructor at Fort Collins Police Services in Colorado
Master Deputy Addy Perez is a five-year veteran of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina
Albany Police Chief Marcia Harnden faced many challenges when she stepped into the role, including employee discipline, high-profile uses of force and staffing shortages
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We know women can bring unique qualities and life experiences to this work. So, how do we get more women to understand how well-suited they are for policing?
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A new guide outlines actionable strategies to enhance recruitment websites, targeting barriers that deter women from policing careers
The San Diego Police Officers Association and the National Law Enforcement Foundation share lessons learned from building the nation’s first law enforcement only childcare center
Funaiock discusses her role as a police captain, how SWAT prepared her for leadership and her vision for women’s roles and promotion in law enforcement
“I hope that we are able to work together as a team to make Seattle Police Department the most attractive department for women to come to work,” interim Chief Sue Rahr said
The sold-out event offered women of all skill levels expert firearms training and product demos
“When we lost one of our officers two years ago, I looked for poems that could comfort the family and officers but couldn’t find any,” K-9 Officer Isabel McDonald said
Miami-Dade Police Department K-9 Officer Isabel McDonald conveys a message of resilience and remembrance to the law enforcement community
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“I look forward to working with Minnesota State Patrol staff and allied agencies who work so hard to keep residents safe on Minnesota roadways,” Interim Col. Christina Bogojevic said
Recent poll results offer a glimpse into the current landscape and challenges associated with recruiting and retaining female police officers
How an Arizona agency uses strategy and culture to influence recruitment