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New Jersey passed a law incentivizing gun microstamping in 2022; gunmakers protested the law on the grounds that the process was inaccurate and inconsistent
The Brooklyn Park Police Department will take the lead in steering youths and young adults away from violent crime after partnerships with community organizations didn’t bring desired outcomes, officials said
The city of Bellevue has asserted that it would be unfair to extend medical assistance for Officer Kevin Bereta, who was severely injured while riding a motorcycle on duty
Three Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies fired shots at the suspect as he moved to pull a handgun from his belt
In a Feb. 27 presentation to the L.A. Police Commission, Cmdr. Shannon Paulson said that the audit showed a “fundamental lack of understanding” about how the aircraft help identify and catch crime suspects
Moody police Lt. Stephen Williams was shot in an ambush attack by two suspects, one of whom was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in 2023
The suspect fatally shot court employee Drexel Mack; as officers approached to help Mack, one was shot and wounded while Officer Cody Allen was fatally shot
“She set free a predator back into the community, who may be on your next train, or walking the streets of our city, looking for his next victim,” Chief of Patrol John Chell said
Boston police officers’ post-protest debriefings subject to legal scrutiny in federal lawsuit over excessive force and First Amendment violations
A 10-step response strategy for public information officers when faced with a viral news story
Imagine how policing could improve if instead of just investigating incidents to find blame, we also investigated incidents to learn how to avoid them happening in the first place
Law enforcement officers in New Jersey no longer need to fear archaic laws
Preparing for an all-options response to a multiple-person attack requires a commitment to training beyond the sporadic defensive tactics sessions
A tense hostage situation unfolded in a McDonald’s parking lot, where a suspect held a woman at knifepoint inside a semi-truck

A ticket to Axon Week 2024 gets you access to both TASERCON and Axon Accelerate
Instituted this year, the awards recognize innovation and impact, as determined by an independent panel
Gamber-Johnson engineers a fully rugged docking station for the new Getac ZX80 8” Android tablet
The company is building a safety and security ecosystem to connect public safety agencies and enterprises to help protect people, property and places
“The integration of GeoComm Indoor Maps into RapidSOS Premium will enable telecommunicators to deliver invaluable guidance to emergency personnel as they respond to emergency calls indoors,” said Jeff Liebl, GeoComm President and CEO
The Species features a minimalist design, offering a smaller package than other inside-the-waistband holsters
The Series A investment from Volition Capital will accelerate adoption of its highly scalable and affordable video evidence gathering technology that safeguards lives and businesses