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Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel said the new officers will patrol the Kensington area on foot and bicycle, and begin enforcing stricter drug laws this summer
NYPD officers patrolling Queens were attacked by a man and a woman after questioning them about why several children under 10 were out alone late at night
The agent was returning from work Saturday night when he was accosted in a residential community in Tustin
The man shot and killed Gary police K-9 Falco during a foot pursuit in July 2023; Falco served with the department for 8 years
The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office received approval for $104,850 in funding for new equipment intended to help its officers on the streets and in the county’s detention center
In 2018, Columbus Officer Anthony Sebastiano sprinted toward a suicidal juvenile to stop her from jumping off a bridge, saving her life
The overhaul reduces top-level positions, adds civilian professionals and introduces new roles to address inefficiencies and evolving challenges in policing
When officers responded to the deadly mass shooting in Lewiston, they didn’t hesitate to run inside, “putting their own personal safety in jeopardy,” documents reveal
Learn how Larsen’s hefty donation for officer wellness and community engagement builds on his extensive history of supporting law enforcement in the City by the Bay
Imagine how policing could improve if instead of just investigating incidents to find blame, we also investigated incidents to learn how to avoid them happening in the first place
The standard for whether speech is protected has evolved to provide more protection
Know these common scenarios that can cause cops to lose situational awareness – and avoid them!
A recent event where officers confronted a suicidal man armed with a sword provides a stark reminder of the dangers and complexities in law enforcement
A review of the effective strategies and calm professionalism of police forces nationwide in managing recent civil disturbances

Feature enhancements made to enhance the user experience with
Updated technology enables first responders to identify and quantify approximately 5,000 substances in mere seconds for a swift and definitive response
World’s most durable and reliable 14” AI-ready, fully rugged, Windows 11 laptop is ideal for demanding applications in the field such as 3D landscape rendering and architectural illustration, interactive factory floor planning, and real-time analytics
Jenoptik will provide together with its local partner more than 100 TraffiPole housings equipped with systems to enforce red light, speeding and moving vehicle offenses
“With VirTra simulators, we can swiftly and securely recreate dynamic force encounters,” said Von Kliem, Chief Consulting and Communications Officer at Force Science
The Cumberland County Commission also approved applications for grants to fund a rapid DNA testing initiative and to replace protective vests