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Richmond Police Department Officer Mervin Mayo, who has served with the department for more than 17 years, dedicated his rendition of an Ed Sheeran song to his wife
According to court documents, former Sangamon County Deputy Sean Grayson shot an unarmed woman in the face after she called 911 to report an intruder
The top 13 states will be included in the 2025 American Association of State Troopers wall calendar
Torrence PD’s $4.6 million recruitment and retention program includes annual bonuses for five years: up to $15,000 for sworn staff and $10,000 for professional staff
“It’s called the law, and it’s obvious people don’t care about it, so you’ve got to up the game,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said
In 2023, the CHP added 407 officers; an additional 409 officers have been sworn in this year, with two more classes scheduled to complete the academy before the end of 2024
Americans’ confidence in police reached 51%, marking the largest year-over-year change in public perceptions among the 17 institutions measured, Gallup says
“Statements blaming this shooting on efforts to promote gender equity are disingenuous at best and deeply dangerous at worst,” the statement said
The Trump rally shooting demonstrated commendable actions like quick thinking by citizens, as well as shortcomings such as poor site selection and training gaps
Effective presidential protection relies on more than just federal efforts. Learn how local officers can contribute, stay informed and maintain crucial roles
The death of a firefighter attendee and the wounding of three others, including former President Trump, is a tragic reminder of gunshot wound assessment and treatment challenges
Trooper Michael Proctor’s suspension due to inappropriate text messages serves as a stark reminder that anything written can become public and impact a case
An armed robbery pursuit culminated in a critical encounter, emphasizing the need for rigorous high-risk stop tactics
Exploring the indictment of Chief Pete Arredondo and the legal challenges in proving criminal negligence in the Uvalde school shooting case

Launches Cellebrite Federal Solutions with the acquisition of Cyber Technology Services, Inc. and the appointment of four renowned independent directors
Bodyguard 2.0 has a new profile, a higher capacity, and design enhancements for concealed carry
“The DFR program...integrates with the technology in our Real-Time Information Center [and] enhances our ability to allocate resources efficiently,” the Elk Grove PD stated
Graphene Composites USA is delighted to announce the donation of a GC Patrol Shield to the Woonsocket Police Dept, following successful ballistic shield training using the shields and testimonial activities
“HEROES is excited to embark on this University-Industry-Government partnership with cutting technologies from industry partners such as Graphene Composites” says Ramaswamy Nagarajan, Ph.D. Distinguished University Professor, Co-Director of HEROES
Flocks of birds have been swarming drones causing the FDNY and NYPD to adjust flight plans
More than 20 agencies across Spokane County to enhance collaboration and improve community safety