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Snohomish County 911 and Valley Com 911 successfully executed a live 911 call re-routing drill on June 5, confirming the vision that has been four years in the making
Groton police responded to a report of a snake slithering near an apartment entrance; the officers put the python in a container in the back seat of a cruiser where it escaped
Around 20 people broke glass cases with hammers and other tools and fled with an unknown amount of jewelry, Sunnyvale police said
Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel is on administrative leave for mishandling a police major’s sexual harassment complaint against another major, the mayor said
The court said a semiautomatic rifle with a bump stock is not an illegal machine gun because it doesn’t make the weapon fire more than one shot with one pull of the trigger
The Cumberland County Commission also approved applications for grants to fund a rapid DNA testing initiative and to replace protective vests
Jemarcus Williams received the maximum sentence of 16 to 40 years for two counts of DUI resulting in death in the 2023 incident
“If you can help us identify this individual, we will make sure she gets the encore she deserves,” the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office stated
Learn how Larsen’s hefty donation for officer wellness and community engagement builds on his extensive history of supporting law enforcement in the City by the Bay
Imagine how policing could improve if instead of just investigating incidents to find blame, we also investigated incidents to learn how to avoid them happening in the first place
The standard for whether speech is protected has evolved to provide more protection
Know these common scenarios that can cause cops to lose situational awareness – and avoid them!
A recent event where officers confronted a suicidal man armed with a sword provides a stark reminder of the dangers and complexities in law enforcement
A review of the effective strategies and calm professionalism of police forces nationwide in managing recent civil disturbances

“With VirTra simulators, we can swiftly and securely recreate dynamic force encounters,” said Von Kliem, Chief Consulting and Communications Officer at Force Science
On 10th anniversary of product and company
5.11 Tactical, Black Rifle Coffee, ASP, and others offering discounts during National Police Week
Smart Compliance is the latest offering from Panasonic Connect as a part of the TOUGHBOOK solution suite
New feature streamlines license plate verification process for parking operators and law enforcement professionals
“The DS-GTC-1400 docking stations are designed to maximize the functionality and durability of the Getac S510, ensuring our customers experience unparalleled performance and safety in their demanding work environments,” said Brett Young, Director of Sales at Havis
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