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The Polk County Sheriff’s Office unit will focus on obtaining advanced training and tools to assist in investigations of cyber harassment, identity theft and other cybercrimes
The “cruiser” was equipped with lights and sirens, allowing the “deputized junior police operators” to “go on patrol”
Each of the SFPD’s 10 districts will receive $100,000 from Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen to spend on equipment or programs to aid in officer wellness and community outreach
“It is scary... An extremely calm situation went 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. That’s how fast situations can turn for police officers,” Whitehall Deputy Chief Dan Kelso said
Officer Gregory Casillas died after being shot in the head while pursuing Isaias De Jesus Valencia; he had been on the job for only six months prior to the incident
The initiative aims to prioritize health and wellness for all law enforcement officers across the state, starting at the recruit level for optimal impact
Level-up your relaxation time at home with these devices that make it easy to unwind with a book, series or movie
K-9 Ayke, who is the subject of an internal affairs investigation after biting an officer at a crime scene, has bitten more people than any other dog with the department
The standard for whether speech is protected has evolved to provide more protection
Know these common scenarios that can cause cops to lose situational awareness – and avoid them!
A recent event where officers confronted a suicidal man armed with a sword provides a stark reminder of the dangers and complexities in law enforcement
A review of the effective strategies and calm professionalism of police forces nationwide in managing recent civil disturbances
When Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley resisted commands during a traffic stop, the responding officer demonstrated essential tactics for upholding professionalism
A recent spate of LODDs requires immediate action against the rising incivility, failed criminal justice reforms and the mental health crisis that endanger police officers’ lives

5.11 Tactical, Black Rifle Coffee, ASP, and others offering discounts during National Police Week
Smart Compliance is the latest offering from Panasonic Connect as a part of the TOUGHBOOK solution suite
New feature streamlines license plate verification process for parking operators and law enforcement professionals
“The DS-GTC-1400 docking stations are designed to maximize the functionality and durability of the Getac S510, ensuring our customers experience unparalleled performance and safety in their demanding work environments,” said Brett Young, Director of Sales at Havis
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BRINC unveils the Responder drone and Responder Station, a new drone platform and docking station, to enable city-wide drone as first responder deployments
Company donates $146,000 as organization marks 40 years of serving survivors of fallen officers