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This pledge encapsulates a commitment to proactive leadership in law enforcement, addressing crucial areas for departmental advancement
By dedicating a month to this tactical athlete training program, officers will experience a different training style that may serve as a refreshing start to a new routine for the upcoming winter months
There are several ways you can increase your capacity for embracing grit as a leadership practice
Our buildings and our officers inside have been the target of criminal assaults and civil disorder incidents for quite a long time
Download this guide for strategies to improve investigations and ensure successful prosecutions
Download this in-depth analysis of Police1’s State of the Industry survey on the police recruitment and retention crisis
From facial recognition to machine learning, here’s a glossary of AI terms that can help police officers leverage the power of artificial intelligence to prevent crime and improve public safety
Mindfulness techniques and takeaways from an eye movement desensitization and reprocessing training course
With evidence-based strategies, you can reduce your stress and avoid burnout