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K-9 handlers participating in the recent 32nd Annual LVMPD K-9 Trials in Las Vegas took some time out backstage to share their pups’ favorite toys
By incorporating neck training into your daily fitness routine, you can prevent injury, reduce pain and even improve physical performance
A new report by the COPS Office highlights effective strategies for engaging young people in law enforcement careers
Your preparation now can save lives later when the unthinkable happens
It may be the right thing to do in some circumstances, but there’s a lot to think about and the time to start thinking about it is now
Dr. Patricia Kay Reyna shares her family’s ordeal following a devastating on-duty accident that left her husband, a North Carolina State Highway Patrol Master Trooper, with a traumatic brain injury
Discover how leaders can foster an environment that embraces innovative ideas from officers at all levels
Researchers shed light on the intricacies of law enforcement behavior and morale in the wake of significant societal and legal shifts
Explore strategies to address small issues within police teams before they escalate, promoting a culture of accountability and efficiency
Think you have what it takes? Even seasoned shooters will find this drill tests their limits
Mike Lawson leads the charge in bolstering officer support, outlining initiatives for peer support, resilience groups, wellness hours and mental health check-ins
Retired police lieutenant and dog training innovator Garret Wing sheds light on the dark world of illegal dog fighting and its ties to other criminal enterprises