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Tech Pulse is dedicated to keeping police leaders informed about advances and trends in technology impacting law enforcement operations.
Police1’s Police Grants topic section is an online resource page designed to keep Law Enforcement informed of the availability of grants that can be used to fund projects, product purchases and programs to help keep their community safe.

Utilizing our annual State of the Industry survey as a launching point, Police1 delves into the critical issues facing law enforcement and the changes officers want to see in their profession. “What Cops Want” is a movement aimed at reshaping the future of policing. By giving patrol officers a platform to be heard and driving insightful discussions around their feedback, we aim to foster a more satisfying and effective law enforcement environment.
By preparing today for tomorrow’s technological advancements, law enforcement can ensure they remain proactive, rather than reactive, in their mission to protect and serve. Police1’s VISION platform enables police departments to navigate the complexities of the digital age.
Join Police1 for a comprehensive exploration of effective leadership in law enforcement. Each installment delves into a specific aspect of leadership, offering insights and practical strategies for police leaders to enhance their skills.