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The imperative for law enforcement agencies to adopt a futures-thinking mindset has never been more critical, given the swift pace of technological innovation. By preparing today for tomorrow’s technological advancements, law enforcement can ensure they remain proactive, rather than reactive, in their mission to protect and serve. Police1’s VISION platform enables police departments to navigate the complexities of the digital age.

How to build a culture of innovation, ensure ethical use of technology, and invest in training and development to prepare your workforce for the future
New approaches and technologies can improve both safety and services
We are at the dawn of a new era for law enforcement, fueled by the responsible use of artificial intelligence
New technologies will revolutionize how we do our jobs
They will make the job safer, more accountable and more efficient
Examining the potential for social media platforms and live video feeds to revolutionize the way emergency calls are handled, providing dispatchers with unprecedented situational awareness
They’ll soon prove a valuable ally against staff shortages and call surges
The future of policing is here — is your department ready to take the next step?
Jonathan Wender, Ph.D., discusses the impact of TrustStat AI on police work and community interactions
Chief Philip Lukens has a simple goal: Allow computers to do computer work and humans to do human work
Leonardo, through its U.S. subsidiary Selex ES Inc., is a leader in automatic license plate recognition hardware and software with its ELSAG ALPR product portfolio. With manufacturing facilities in Greensboro, North Carolina, and software engineering in Brewster, New York, the company delivers robust solutions for the pressing needs of law enforcement, Homeland Security, government agencies, and commercial and industrial operators. In addition to full design, production and commissioning in the US, Leonardo ensures seamless access to the full product offerings of the Leonardo Company for military and civil markets, including critical communications, air traffic control, automation and transportation.