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“I mean, if you want to get someone over here, now would be a great time,” a helicopter crew officer told officers on the ground as the suspect stopped in a highway median
The Brooklyn Park Police Department will take the lead in steering youths and young adults away from violent crime after partnerships with community organizations didn’t bring desired outcomes, officials said
The city of Bellevue has asserted that it would be unfair to extend medical assistance for Officer Kevin Bereta, who was severely injured while riding a motorcycle on duty
In a Feb. 27 presentation to the L.A. Police Commission, Cmdr. Shannon Paulson said that the audit showed a “fundamental lack of understanding” about how the aircraft help identify and catch crime suspects
Moody police Lt. Stephen Williams was shot in an ambush attack by two suspects, one of whom was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in 2023
“She set free a predator back into the community, who may be on your next train, or walking the streets of our city, looking for his next victim,” Chief of Patrol John Chell said
Police1’s newest state-of-the-industry survey focuses on the critical issue of officer wellness
Strategies for success in 24 key areas of policing
Examining the evolving landscape of enforcement strategies
Download this guide for strategies to improve investigations and ensure successful prosecutions
Download this in-depth analysis of Police1’s State of the Industry survey on the police recruitment and retention crisis
Detective Lindsey Wade offers a look into the heart and science behind solving cold cases, showcasing how technology and determination can come together to illuminate the darkest of mysteries
The Police1 AFIS category is a central hub for researching Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems. These systems are pivotal for identifying individuals based on fingerprint data, bolstering investigative efforts.
The Police1 Accreditation Management category is your resource for researching accreditation management solutions for law enforcement agencies. These solutions aid in maintaining and improving standards of performance.
: The Police1 Bicycles category is a collection of information and resources for researching law enforcement bicycle options. Bicycles provide a versatile and nimble mode of transportation for patrol duties.
The Police1 Breathalyzers and DUI Enforcement category is a repository of information and resources for researching breathalyzer devices and DUI enforcement solutions. These tools are pivotal for promoting road safety and enforcing drunk driving laws.
The Police1 CAD category is a comprehensive resource for researching Computer-Aided Dispatch solutions. CAD systems are crucial for managing dispatch operations efficiently, ensuring rapid response to emergencies.
The Police1 Consoles category is a comprehensive resource for researching console solutions for law enforcement communication and monitoring systems. Consoles are crucial for managing multiple channels of communication and information efficiently.
The Police1 Crime Scene Investigation category is a repository of information and resources for researching crime scene investigation tools and solutions. These tools are crucial for collecting, preserving, and analyzing evidence.
The Police1 Data/Information Sharing Software category is a collection of information and resources for researching software solutions that facilitate data and information sharing. These solutions are essential for enhancing inter-agency collaboration and informed decision-making.
The Police1 Disaster Response category is a comprehensive resource for researching disaster response solutions for law enforcement. Effective disaster response is crucial for minimizing loss and ensuring community safety during emergencies.
The Police1 Emergency Response Software category is a collection of information and resources for researching emergency response software solutions. These software solutions are crucial for coordinating response efforts and managing emergency operations efficiently.
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