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Every day, our nation’s first responders give it their all. The job is uniquely rewarding. It’s also uniquely challenging, with physical, mental and emotional impacts. First Responder Wellness Week provides the resources, support and community to help public safety personnel better understand the mental and physical health risks that come with the job. Join Lexipol, Police1 and our partners to focus on your health and promote the wellness of your personnel.

Dive into an eye-opening exploration of how physical fitness isn’t just a benefit — it’s a necessity for law enforcement. Part of First Responder Wellness Week
Rucking, with its blend of cardio and resistance training, prepares officers for the physical demands of the job
From high-tech smart bikes to simple, budget-friendly models, there’s something for everyone
Track your activity, vitals and sleep, and achieve your fitness goals
Explore budget-friendly exercise equipment that fits in your home or on the go, perfect for first responders
Cushion your floor exercises or yoga poses for anywhere, anytime fitness
A dedicated home gym is convenient, eliminates excuses and allows you to workout on your schedule
From beginners to seasoned pros, find the ideal dumbbell set to suit your fitness goals
Protein powders can go a long way towards aiding your muscle’s recovery and growth
These products and services help improve nutrition, exercise effectiveness and sleep quality
Products to engage the senses and equip a comfortable, calming space