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Every day, around the clock, our nation’s first responders give it their all. The job is uniquely rewarding. It’s also uniquely challenging, with physical, mental and emotional impacts.

First Responder Wellness Week is dedicated to providing resources, support and community to help public safety personnel better understand the mental and physical health risks that come with the job.

Join Lexipol, Police1 and our partners from March 25-29 to focus on your health and promote the wellness of your personnel. Each day we’ll focus on a different theme, providing shift briefing videos, webinars, articles, podcasts and more.

A session at IACP’s Officer Safety and Wellness Conference will explain how understanding physiological responses to stress and trauma is critical to cultivating a culture of wellness in law enforcement
Caffeine, supplements, cravings — our nutritionists break down their top tips
Lexipol places public safety wellness at the forefront with a week dedicated to education, community and support
Better sleep is the best first responder countermeasure to shift work and fatigue
Whether you are looking to get back into academy shape, sleep more soundly, or improve your diet, this 30-day challenge can help you meet your goals
Remember that it’s okay not to be okay but not to stay that way
It is imperative that officers process their emotions after exposure to these events to avoid long-term mental health issues
A mandatory, non-punitive annual fitness assessment is essential for improving the health, fitness and quality of life of first responders
You will face traumatic incidents, so learn to build your resilience from day one, and accept help when you experience something above your ability to process
Stigma can prevent officers from seeking the support they need, leading to negative outcomes such as burnout, substance abuse and even suicide