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A former UK Special Forces operator and star of Netflix’s “Toughest Forces on Earth” shares accounts of extraordinary missions, his journey to overcome a career-ending injury, and insights on leadership and resiliency
The American flag is considered a living symbol under federal law. We must treat it as such.
As part of the event, the Minnesota Law Enforcement Wellness Summit is conducting state and national research on mental health
Study seeks to understand the prevalence of exposure to events that violate one’s moral code among law enforcement and first responders
To get into law enforcement, you have to be physically fit, emotionally balanced and mentally sharp – but how many of us maintain those qualities as our careers progress?
Take charge of your physical health and wellness so you can identify potential issues and address them before they cause trouble
There is no single answer to the cause of mass school shootings, but it goes much deeper and further than issues of gun control and mental illness
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