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Moving into a leadership role can be an exhilarating and proud moment; it can also be a daunting one. To succeed in your new role, you’ll need to identify the support systems, processes and tools that will help you overcome challenges and maximize opportunities. Police1’s Police Leader Playbook is one such tool that can increase your effectiveness as a leader. It’s designed to enhance your leadership skills, build trust with those you lead and boost your confidence.

Gain insights into how recognizing and managing your emotions can lead to more effective decision-making and crisis management
Like improving our health and wellness, there are personal habits and methods that can be used to build your leadership capabilities
When you lead with heart and humility, you will boost your team’s morale and productivity
Chief Erik Scairpon explores the pivotal role of mentorship, community engagement, and proactive leadership development in modern policing
Chief Marcelo A. Blanco reflects on the importance of a familial culture, value-based leadership and inclusive decision-making to serve and support his team and community
How forward-thinking leaders can drive positive change and create a thriving organizational culture
Strategies for success in 24 key areas of policing
Chief Kelly Bakken details the steps she took to reimagine her agency’s culture, prioritizing officer training, professional development and community engagement
Chief Jeffrey D. Yarbrough shares his philosophy on leadership, which prioritizes breaking down silos and ensuring creating organizational culture is a collective effort
This scenario-based review demonstrates the importance of EQ to succeeding as a leader in today’s challenging law enforcement environment