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Moving into a leadership role can be an exhilarating and proud moment; it can also be a daunting one. To succeed in your new role, you’ll need to identify the support systems, processes and tools that will help you overcome challenges and maximize opportunities. Police1’s Police Leader Playbook is one such tool that can increase your effectiveness as a leader. It’s designed to enhance your leadership skills, build trust with those you lead and boost your confidence.

Chief Paul LeBaron’s commitment to small acts of service and authentic care fosters a supportive and dedicated team
There is a direct correlation between how leaders treat their team members and how those team members treat people they serve
Access practical, no-frills advice about what to do to counter the day-to-day challenges and outright calamities that make up the first-line law enforcement leader’s work life
Dive into a curated collection of must-read public safety books, from thrilling accounts and leadership lessons from the front lines, to read-aloud children’s favorites
By prioritizing their own health, leaders strengthen their ability to support and sustain the wellness of their team
Learn how mental agility helps leaders adapt to change, overcome challenges and turn adverse situations into positive outcomes
The sold-out event attracted over 700 attendees and featured dozens of sessions focusing on crime prevention, community relations and professional development
Learn about the crucial need to grasp and transform paradigms, emphasizing persistent effort in cultivating habits that strengthen leadership abilities
Lt. Dan Marcou highlights how leadership is demonstrated through both actions and words
Albany Police Chief Marcia Harnden faced many challenges when she stepped into the role, including employee discipline, high-profile uses of force and staffing shortages