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Expand agency recruitment efforts without spending much time or money
Tailoring law enforcement tools to meet individual agency needs with the adaptable Argus ICV system
Launching or expanding a drone program requires meticulous attention to considerations like privacy, regulatory compliance, budgeting, and integration
Here’s how one department increased officer safety through their computer equipment
A new partnership makes cultivating future candidates even easier
Digital investigation technology can help turn up leads when traditional investigations stall
Better performance under pressure requires an updated training experience
DFR programs can improve response efficiency, address workforce limitations and contribute to de-escalation efforts, in addition to other benefits
Taking advantage of the newest technologies and techniques allows Wrap Reality to keep training content fresh, relevant and effective
This technology ushers in a new level of efficiency and safety in critical situations invaluable to cops on the ground
Continuing Education
By specializing in a particular area, you can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and issues faced and become a valuable asset to your organization
A dispatch supervisor’s review of a new headset and earpiece designed for them
The Rapid All-Terrain Tower (RATT) vehicle mast goes up fast and fits on popular 2x2” hitch
N-ear’s new behind-the-head boom microphone delivers easy-wearing performance
Crush muffled sound and reclaim years of crystal-clear audio with these cleaning tips
A simple blood test promises to be a more reliable predictor of risk
A 33-year police veteran shares what to look for in mobile printing hardware for the optimum turn-key solution
Your agency can overcome traffic stop challenges with these tools
These products are not just tools; they are solutions to real-world problems faced by police departments every day
When the mission calls for stealth, it keeps your profile low
5G, new technology and tighter security among the changes to watch for
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office loved the 9mm duty pistols they had acquired just two years before – then traded them in for the firearm’s impressive new sibling
How Utility’s LPR solutions are setting new standards in public safety and policing efficiency
Educator finds new purpose helping to mold students at historic, cost-free, private residential school in Hershey, Pa.
This innovative body-worn camera and digital evidence collection and management solution enhances law enforcement capabilities
Hard work and patience paid off for this Florida police officer
Your guide to community-centered policing through engaging residents, staff retention and data-informed decision-making
Digital evidence has important stories to tell – if you can extract and identify it