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Create efficiencies by using AI and machine learning to help uncover relevant information, enrich data and surface connections that lead to more informed decisions, faster
This guide will help you submit a successful application, enabling your agency to meet its funding requirements and effectively tackle future challenges
How an ancient tool inspired today’s non-lethal, non-contact restraint BolaWrap
Motorola’s powerful, budget-friendly VB400 system gives this Oklahoma PD the benefits of body cameras without added cost and complexity
Whether your agency is applying for the first time or looking to replace outdated equipment or expand your BWC, this guidance can help you succeed
Prepare your agency today for this potential new epidemic
Mobile devices like tablets and e-citation printers can make traffic stops safer by making them more efficient
How your agency can boost investigative efforts and increase efficiency using FRT
Learn how open-source intelligence tools from Fivecast were used to identify a prolific dealer
Combining the world’s strongest material, graphene, and its lightest, aerogel
With careful consideration of human factors in the development and use of VR and simulation training, departments can avoid pitfalls that undermine training effectiveness
Inviting community stakeholders to experience virtual reality training can change the conversation
De-escalation is safe and realistic only under specific conditions
Get the skills you need to get ahead
Cutting-edge platforms can enhance organizations’ capabilities, improve their performance, and empower faster, better decisions
Simplify digital evidence management through AI technology
Having access to centralized data in one platform can streamline operations and inform tactical operations while boosting transparency and trust
Cellebrite Inseyets is designed for advanced and rapid extraction of comprehensive evidence from the latest Android and iOS devices
Delve into the innovative design and practical application of the GC Patrol Shield, a tool that addresses the unique challenges faced by patrol officers with its balance of simplicity, durability and comprehensive protection
This powerful platform turns your data into meaningful information
Expand agency recruitment efforts without spending much time or money
Tailoring law enforcement tools to meet individual agency needs with the adaptable Argus ICV system
Launching or expanding a drone program requires meticulous planning and forethought
Here’s how one department increased officer safety through their computer equipment
A new partnership makes cultivating future candidates even easier
Digital investigation technology can help turn up leads when traditional investigations stall
Better performance under pressure requires an updated training experience
DFR programs can improve response efficiency, address workforce limitations and contribute to de-escalation efforts, in addition to other benefits
Taking advantage of the newest technologies and techniques allows Wrap Reality to keep training content fresh, relevant and effective