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The Police Careers and Advancement topic page offers expert advice for officers to follow that can enable a steady rise through the ranks.

You consider it a “Terry stop” when you pull into the gas-n-go where your buddy Terry is working the counter
Jasur Talipov turned his volunteer experience at a police department into “Trust the Badge,” a nonprofit and podcast that challenges negative perceptions of law enforcement
Recent polls on policing show rising trust in law enforcement, with a 75% favorable rating; equal treatment remains a top priority
The next time you don the uniform, picture yourself on a billboard for all to see; ask yourself: how can I be the agency poster child today?
You do not need to abandon either your street intensity or your commitment to your physical survival in order to have a positive outlook on your chosen career
Good preparation can ease the transition and maintain purpose in your post-career life
If your career is long enough and you haven’t done any of these 13 embarrassing things yet, you quite possibly will at some point
Dan O’Brien from HTC Vive Americas discusses how VR training enhances effectiveness and prepares officers for real-world scenarios with precision and efficiency
While it is not an easy time to be a police officer in America, there are many reasons why you stay in law enforcement
Read about retired Deputy Sheriff Teresa Fitzgerald’s successful transition from law enforcement to the private sector, as told by author and police veteran Colin Whittington
“It gives individuals one site to go to where they can look for jobs, versus going to individual departments and looking at their websites,” said Vandalia Police Chief Kurt Althouse