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Police Training

Police1’s Police Training and Law Enforcement Training course resources help to keep officers safer on the street by providing access to information that supports professional development and improves training.

Police agencies should take advantage of the millions of dollars private business spend to identify best practices for leading and motivating employees
The Trump rally shooting demonstrated commendable actions like quick thinking by citizens, as well as shortcomings such as poor site selection and training gaps
By fostering a culture of hard work, discipline, support, perseverance and trust, you’ll graduate a group of exceptional law enforcement professionals
Dan O’Brien from HTC Vive Americas discusses how VR training enhances effectiveness and prepares officers for real-world scenarios with precision and efficiency
Filmmaker Patrick Shaver set out to produce a comprehensive record of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller’s murder and the circumstances surrounding it
Drownings can happen in any body of water, at any time of the year, anywhere in the country
From rangefinders to advanced shooting simulators, these tools are designed to ensure precision, improve technique and provide a comprehensive training experience.
I traded chasing cars and watching dope deals for chasing deadlines and watching PowerPoint presentations — here’s what I’ve learned so far
A guide to proven control tactics, less lawsuits and building community trust through martial arts
An armed robbery pursuit culminated in a critical encounter, emphasizing the need for rigorous high-risk stop tactics
Dr. Jeff Thompson, a retired NYPD detective and current scholar at Columbia University Medical Center, discusses the challenges and strategies in de-escalating crises
Street Survival II delivers sound guidance on a variety of topics that are relevant to today’s street cop
This essential technique can mean the difference between life and death, as arterial bleeding can lead to fatal blood loss within minutes
“Implementing robust processes for feedback collection, appropriate intervention and accurate reporting is crucial to helping ensure that all public interactions are positive experiences for community members,” said Tim Conner, General Manager at Versaterm
Martial arts trainers are teaching officers the SafeWrap technique, which will allow officers to restrain a suspect on the ground without compressing their chest
Fighting back against poor police leadership
Force-on-force training is valuable when realistic but can be fraught with danger if not done with a laser focus on safety
Amid increasing scrutiny and declining morale, here is a vision of hope for today’s law enforcement crisis
The purpose of the challenge is to improve relationships between dive teams from law enforcement and fire/EMS agencies
Designating the station a school will allow officers to search people suspected of illegally carrying a gun in the downtown area, Commissioner Anne Kirkpatrick said
Download this Police1 driving simulators buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Fully autonomous, AI-driven robots have become essential tools for enhancing safety and operational efficiency in law enforcement, marking a significant evolution in police capabilities
New book helps trainers avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in emergency vehicle operation instruction
Organizations will work together to elevate reality-based training content and discourse for today’s law enforcement professionals
Enhance team cohesion by adapting communication strategies, building trust and encouraging mentorship among diverse age groups
From sandbags to massage balls, there’s a lot of gear to improve both performance and safety for DT instructors
Simple tips, tools and services to help detectives crack cases
“Police training is done to prevent injuries, not cause them.”
“This new and novel approach in criminal justice education will no doubt be a catalyst for the rest of the nation,” said said David Brown, former Dallas Police Chief and Chicago Police Superintendent