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Dr. Larry F. Jetmore

Career Advancement

Dr. Larry F. Jetmore was a retired captain of the Hartford (Conn.) Police Department. He authored five books in the field of criminal justice, including The Path of the Warrior. A former police academy and SWAT team commander, he earned his Ph.D. at Union University in Ohio, plus master’s, bachelors and associate degrees in Connecticut. Jetmore directed the criminal justice program at Middlesex College in Middletown, Conn., and was a full-time faculty member. He was also Director of the National Police Testing Services, which creates and administers police examinations.

Drift may be defined as what occurs when there is a shifting of norms — or standards — over a period of time, causing new norms — or standards — to form
We are living at a time of the claw and the fang, where the care-giving aspects of policing are practiced in an environment of hopelessness, despair, and corruption
High test marks on a paper and pencil test are a poor predictor of future work related success
Becaming a specialist in any field not only can make you extremely valuable within the police organization, but can set you up for life after pulling the pin
Here’s what you need to know
Simply put, candidates leave valuable points on the table in the opening moments of the oral test because they fail to distinguish themselves from other qualified candidates
Find someone to coach you, it’s worth a few points on the exam and may mean the difference between getting promoted or not
Ambition is a good thing but getting to the top takes more than just an excellent resume and master’s degree in public administration
It has now become rare not to incorporate some form of assessment center testing in the examination processes, especially for the higher police ranks
We are know by many names: police officer, trooper, marshal, sheriff, agent, inspector, and others