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Sergeant Dalton Webb

Dalton Webb is a retired Sergeant who spent 18 years with the Fort Worth Police Department in Fort Worth, TX. He spent his career in a variety of assignments and developed the FWPD Real-Time Crime Center as an officer in 2012. Dalton retired as the supervisor over the RTCC in addition to being a Deputy Director over the FWPD Fusion Center.

As a law enforcement instructor and speaker, Dalton has become one of the nation’s leaders on training and developing strategies on the concepts of integrating crime centers and technology into the daily mission of policing agencies. Under his leadership, the Fort Worth Real-Time Crime Center became a national model for technology-driven policing. Dalton helped found the National Real-Time Crime Center Association and was the first Vice President of Training and Development.

He is currently the Director of RTCC Strategy for Flock Safety and frequently assists agencies with RTCC development and training. Connect with and follow Dalton on LinkedIn.

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