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The Investigations topic area furnishes cops with the latest news, information and strategies used in closing a case and putting bad guys behind bars. This touches on everything that happens between the suspect’s crimes to the final conviction.

A powerful platform that integrates data sources enhances the department’s speed and investigative prowess
DFR provides considerable promise for increased safety, reduced response times and improved de-escalation capabilities for public safety agencies
Set the scene, by introducing the people, property and other information before it is discussed
The man founded a company that produced manuals and videos on wartime tactics, including how to create “fatal funnels” intended to trap and kill law enforcement
Evidence management is anything but straightforward these days, but no less critical; these products and procedures can help
Valuable items inside the houses will be equipped with GPS trackers, which will immediately notify the Atherton Police Department if the items are moved
In addition to law enforcement work, Faraday bags can also protect your personal devices and key fobs from hackers and unauthorized access
How to be successful from your first day at the police academy through graduation day
As AI technology evolves, law enforcement faces new challenges in distinguishing real from AI-generated content; this complexity is reshaping investigative methods and legal frameworks
The WalletHub report compares 40 of the largest U.S. cities to identify which cities are grappling with the most significant homicide rates
“It would have been boring if we were allowed to do it,” the man said, expressing surprise that he had not been arrested already
The man was convicted of sex crimes in California and Arizona but faked his death to avoid offender registration; he was arrested by Pinal County Sheriff’s Office deputies
How to build a culture of innovation, ensure ethical use of technology, and invest in training and development to prepare your workforce for the future
Innovative approaches to community policing
There have been a few bad apples throughout history. Really bad apples
The Akron Police Department SWAT teams used ballistic plates supplied by ShotStop Ballistics, which is under federal investigation for allegedly selling “counterfeit” gear
The deputy who cared for Kona after the K-9’s retirement in 2023 surrendered her to an animal shelter without notifying or receiving approval from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office
The Sagadahoc County deputy filed a 20-page defense detailing the alleged inaccuracies with the commission’s report
Investigators determined officers in the ambulance were observers and medics were in charge
Mobile ALPR technology offers an array of benefits beyond traffic stops
“We saw ... officers going in to the line of fire to save their brothers in blue, who have gone down in the act of trying to keep our community safe,” Chief Jennings said
Cabell County medics were inside a house treating a patient when the man jumped into their rig and drove off
Some of the officers who rushed to the Charlotte neighborhood to rescue the first wave of downed officers were wounded as a second shooter began firing on them
A man is suspected of forging an audio clip implying the principal was frustrated with Black students’ test-taking abilities; the recording put the principal’s family at “significant risk,” police say
Learn how AI technology is revolutionizing law enforcement
Deputy Samuel Aispuro, 43, was sitting at a red light on a patrol motorcycle when he was shot; he was transported to the hospital in stable condition
Exploring how everyday mobile technology empowers law enforcement with tools to track, investigate and solve crimes through detailed call records and location data
Supervisors who rigidly adhere to traditional methods create a discouraging environment for those seeking to modernize and humanize the profession
The unit was established in partnership with the state attorney’s office to lighten the caseload for Baltimore’s homicide investigators