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Digital Edition: What cops want in 2024

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The relentless stress and demands of policing can lead to burnout, decreased job satisfaction and exacerbated mental health issues among officers. This high-stress climate also jeopardizes physical health, often causing chronic fatigue and other stress-related ailments. Additionally, the weight of public scrutiny and political pressures introduces further challenges. What are the implications of these pressures on the wellbeing of patrol officers?

That’s the central question Police1 aimed to address with our fourth annual State of the Industry survey, sponsored by Utility, intended to offer law enforcement leaders and communities strategies to enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of our nation’s law enforcement officers.

Police1’s 2024 state-of-the-industry survey revealed some alarming statistics related to officer wellness:

  • 76% of respondents cited “lack of time” due to work or personal commitments as the biggest barrier to maintaining or improving their health, highlighting the need for better support systems.
  • Over 50% of respondents said a stigma still exists around seeking mental health services. And 12% of officers reported having no access to mental health resources.
  • Nearly a quarter of respondents had called themselves out of service due to out-of-the-ordinary sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, hunger, or emotional distress, and 33% had considered doing so.

The insights from the 2,833 officers who responded to our survey highlight an urgent need for improved support systems tailored to their wellbeing. Download our comprehensive report to discover the full scope of these insights and access detailed analysis and actionable strategies to improve officer wellbeing. Be a part of the solution to enhance the lives and careers of those who protect and serve.

Download your copy by completing the “Get Access to this Police1 Resource” box on this page!

Dive into the insights of 2,833 officers on their wellness needs and find out how police leaders can lead the way in implementing support strategies

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