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David Black, Ph.D.

Dr. David Black is the founder and president of Cordico, which provides first-responding agencies with essential policy insights, training programs and timely content focused on mental and emotional wellbeing. Cordico was acquired by Lexipol in November 2020. He is the chief psychologist of the California Police Chiefs Association Wellness Committee, a board member of the National Sheriffs Association Psychological Services Group and an advisory board member for the National Police Foundation’s Center for Mass Violence Response Studies. He serves on the IACP Police Psychological Services Ethics Committee and the National Fraternal Order of Police Officer Wellness Committee, and is an officer wellness subject matter expert for the California Commission on POST. Dr. Black has been serving law enforcement since 2002.

Dr. David Black, president of Wellness Solutions for Lexipol, welcomes first responders and their families to the second annual First Responder Wellness Week
Lexipol created First Responder Wellness Week to support, raise awareness and promote strong self-care among public safety workers
Law enforcement officers involved in a recent shooting require support from the top to process potential trauma
Officers do an incredible job saving the lives of strangers, but we need to do a much better job saving the lives of officers