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George Vrotsos

Premeditated Fitness

George Vrotsos has worked in Law Enforcement since 2007. He is currently employed by the North East Ohio Regional Sewer District and is sworn in through a local Sheriff’s Department. George has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Kent State University and he is certified as a Physical Fitness Specialist through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. George is not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before starting any fitness or nutrition plan.

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Training for muscular strength will allow you to produce more strength in subject control and defensive tactics situations
Kettlebell training is popular among the physically elite because it builds muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic power, and grip strength
Grip strength is a crucial physical skill for officer safety
The right fuel will give you more stable energy levels throughout your shift, and you’ll be able to move faster in foot pursuits
New Year’s resolutions often involve new gym memberships or recommitments to existing ones, but too many people fail to follow through for the whole year — here are nine keys to achieving your goals
Implementing policies that incentivize officers to be healthier and more physically fit can be a huge factor in your program’s success
Focusing specifically on a fat loss plan will allow you to reduce your body fat and preserve your lean muscle
Make your physical training mandatory, be as active as possible when you are outside of the gym, and make your gym time as efficient as possible and you’ll always have time for fitness