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The Police Recruiting topic provides resources and tips for those charged with recruiting the department’s next generation of cops. From improving existing hiring strategies to using new tech and tools, this section features great information.

Participants from over 35 states and Canada recently convened to address the growing difficulties in filling law enforcement vacancies
Expand agency recruitment efforts without spending much time or money
Data from Police1’s “What Cops Want in 2023” survey shows law enforcement in conflict with itself on the question of how to channel negative feelings and contemporary realities
“I’m pleased that we now have more troopers today than when I came into office — a few more, to be blunt. We have another class [of trainees] coming in. We need more troopers. We need more police,” Gov. Ned Lamont said
Police Recruitment
“We prepare them for the rigors of the police academy and the policing profession, so that when they do enter into the recruit class they have the tools and skills to be successful,” Capt. Parker Bode said
“It’s really not fair to discriminate against these people who use a legal product,” Kingston Mayor Steve Noble said; recreational cannabis use has been legal in the state of New York since 2021
“I think that age has nothing to do with it,” Michael Smith said. “If you’re … willing to really dedicate the time necessary to fulfill this opportunity … you can do it. I’m a prime example”
Statistics provided by Golden PD show that among all 15,362 calls handled by police in the last half of 2023, including for non-emergency runs, response times dropped every month compared to 2022
A significant portion of the policing workforce who entered the profession with the idealistic vision of being servants to their communities are pessimistic about the future of law enforcement
Candid feedback from officers in Police1’s State of the Industry survey highlights actionable steps supervisors can take to create a culture where officers feel valued and supported
The money is intended to go toward salaries for sheriffs and deputies, as well as boost recruitment and retention efforts
“I do not think 9,500 [officers] is realistic...” Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martínez said. “And the reason it’s not realistic is because ... people who are entering the workforce do not want to be police officers”
The order lifts limits on how many new employees Louisiana sheriffs can hire and on payroll increases for their departments
This brings the Bureau’s number of sworn officers to 806 — down from 881 last year, but up from its record low of 773 in September 2022
This innovative model offers a dynamic solution to recruitment shortages, particularly in larger police departments
Create a framework for implementing short-term solutions and long-term strategies to improve police officer recruitment in your agency
The Vallejo Police Department is working with the Solano County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol to supplement its ranks
The Moose Lake city council will soon vote to decide whether to dissolve the police department in favor of a county law enforcement contract
Law enforcement leaders share strategies for building robust, diverse and highly efficient law enforcement agencies

Small-town police departments turn to grant funds to address the challenges of limited resources, personnel shortages and technology gaps
“We’re pleased to see this increase in applications from [individuals] … willing to go above and beyond to serve and protect, with ... strong moral fiber not exclusive to those with a college education,” said Colonel Christopher Paris
Considerations for assessing department culture and personal compatibility
The bill would provide $600 per month to any certified officer who has worked in the state for longer than one year
Officers sound off on what they need from their supervisors and leaders to perform at their peak in Police1’s State of the Industry survey
For you to come out on top, you will be a blend of having the chops and showing up as your best-presented self
Police Recruitment
Some leaders are asking that the time frame recruits must abstain from marijuana use before being hired by a law enforcement agency be lowered from two years to six months
Attract police recruits with these actionable insights from a BJA/COPS Office report
The Ripley Police Department will only be able to sustain three officers if the proposal passes, leaving several hours of the day with no cops on duty
Silos kill progress and diminish the greater good, and our greater good is a healthy, operational police agency