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Pulse of Policing

Pulse of Policing is an extensive editorial research endeavor aimed at examining the problem areas within law enforcement in 2015 — from physical and mental health of individual officers to the afflictions facing agencies and the industries that support them. Our aim is to identify problem areas in all aspects of law enforcement, and uncover suggestions for remediation.

Companies in the law enforcement realm commit vast amounts of time, energy, and capital toward ensuring that officers are safer
Three executives from private-sector police enterprises weighed in on the challenges facing law enforcement today
Increasingly, police agencies are looking to software solutions that employ enhanced pattern analysis not only to help recognize crime patterns, but solve crimes
Our audience had several ideas on how product companies can take advantage of their unique position in the industry to aid officers in these difficult times
Companies such as Lenco, LRAD, Combined Systems, Tactical Electronics, and others must now satisfy the questions and concerns of a larger constituency
Incorporating a formal toolset into an agency’s social media program can dramatically help officers sift through data at a very large scale
Law enforcement leaders are now faced with seemingly impossible tasks, and yet they are accomplishing those things despite difficult conditions
SFPD works with kids as a way of achieving the long-term objective of recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce reflective of the city’s population
Implementing policies that incentivize officers to be healthier and more physically fit can be a huge factor in your program’s success
We take our marching orders from the citizens we serve, so we need to be flexible, innovative, and fearless enough to change with the expectations of our residents
Working with – not against – news organizations will help you better control your agency’s narrative