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From adjusting to new routines to supporting individual hobbies, retired LE couples can thrive and find joy in this new phase of life
“Both professions are good at recruiting members in but are lacking in adequately preparing members to exit out.”
Former community protecters bring with them experiences and skills that prove valuable in navigating the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship
The three members of the Sheriff’s Team of Active Retirees were taken to a hospital for treatment, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said
Police Chief Hollie Chadwick stated that although they have enough patrol officers, the PD lacks roles like PIOs, cold case detectives and animal control
“It’s time for me to hang it up, so I won’t run again,” said Sheriff Cullen Talton, who was first elected in 1972
“Please hold your heads up, keep fighting the good fight and honor the profession by keeping the citizens of this city safe,” Chief Joseph Chacon said
Under the revised policy, police and firefighters can retire at age 55 or with 25 years of service, whichever comes first
The “sensitive locations” effort stems from the Bruen Supreme Court decision
Pre-retirement workshops can be a helpful tool in preventing adverse outcomes during retirement