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Women Officers

The Women Officers topic page provides news and resources for women navigating every step of their law enforcement career. Learn how the 30x30 initiative aims to advance women in policing, what duty gear investments every female officer should make, how LAPD’s first female SWAT officer broke the glass ceiling, and more.

For more information on products for female officers, visit the Police1 Female Police Officers product section.

The San Diego Police Officers Association and the National Law Enforcement Foundation share lessons learned from building the nation’s first law enforcement only childcare center
Although Det. Marcela Lopez didn’t try out to break barriers for women, neither is she shrinking from it
Officer Natalie Garcia seeks to bring effective communication and transparency to the department as its new PIO, with a unique understanding of the community she serves
“This is about me serving you, so thank you,” Kirkpatrick said after taking the oath
Full-time female peace officers are requested for a survey that looks at factors that are potentially causing the underrepresentation of women in law enforcement
Clarifying the source of common myths and misconception and recognizing our bias is the first step to building bridges and maintaining partnerships
The event is designed to provide potential recruits with tips and advice to help them pass the department’s physical agility test – the single most common stumbling block for female recruits
Former St. Tammany Parish Deputy Mary Mayo was paralyzed after a tree fell on the cruiser she was a passenger in; her fiancé, who was driving at the time, was killed in the crash
The coin features a female officer styled similarly to ‘Rosie the Riveter’ on one side, with the MAWLE logo on the other side
Chief Schenita Stewart shares her key strategies to build employee morale through servant leadership
Wende Wakeman noted the importance of the progress made by the organization, attributing her success to the sacrifices of those who came before her