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Paul Marik

The True North of Policing

Lieutenant Paul Marik began his career working undercover straight out of the academy. He is currently a Lieutenant Commander with the Pleasant Prairie (WI) Police. Paul has been with the PPPD since 1997 and is the senior trainer for the department. He holds a B.S. and an M.B.A. He is an instructor for Firearms, Defense & Arrest Tactics, Use of Force, Honor Guard and he is a master instructor in Tactical Response and Scenarios. Paul is also a Certified Force Science Analyst. He has investigated several use-of-force situations in southeastern Wisconsin and is an active member of ILEETA.

As tactical teams move to the role of support units during an active shooter incident, the Rescue Task Force concept is evolving to become a key part of MCI response
The dynamic of policing has changed and your brave men and women are looking to you for leadership, guidance, comfort and support
“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” — Warren Buffet
I have written about the public’s waning appreciation, but on the day of Officer Gliniewicz’ funeral, I felt very wrong
We all are experts at change on the street, but when change happens inside the department, everyone seems to lose their mind
I breathe case law. I eat tactics. I bleed policy. I know my job. I know my limitations. So how could I muck this up so badly? Ego got in my way. I sacrificed my safety over my pride.
I was a natural, mainly because as a 150-pound, Peter Brady lookalike nobody would ever believe I was a cop — “He’s way too young and scrawny to be a cop.”