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Use of Force

The Use of Force topic provides news, information and training on one of the most commonly discussed areas in police training programs. Learn how to educate your community about use of force, the risks unarmed individuals pose and more.

Firing your weapon to stop an imminent deadly threat may be the most difficult decision you ever have to make
Court ruled that a jury may find that participating officers used unconstitutional excessive force during the execution of the warrant
Inviting community stakeholders to experience virtual reality training can change the conversation
The Cheyenne Police Department said the man’s aggressive actions, including using a TASER on an officer, prompted the use of baton strikes to prevent him from accessing a knife
Christopher Burbank worked as a Thurston County Sheriff’s Office deputy for two days before he resigned due to the “negative community response and death threats”
The suspect was taken to a hospital to receive medical care after being involved in a traffic crash; he began to act erratically and resist officers as they escorted him inside the hospital
Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony fired and criminally charged two deputies after they were cleared of wrongdoing by the department’s Professional Standards Committee, allegedly calling them “bad cops” in a campaign ad
Advanced body-worn camera technology plays a crucial role in enhancing officer safety and strengthening the bond between the police and the community
Jamie Borden shares critical insights on preparing for a post-incident interview, highlighting the nuances between an officer’s perceived truth and the established facts
Jamie Borden discusses the nuances and complexities officers face when engaging with an unarmed but potentially assaultive individual
Jamie Borden on the importance of officers being alert, prepared and constantly running through “what if” scenarios
Jamie Borden discusses how de-escalation is not just a tactic but a goal, achieved through a range of tactical endeavors based on the dynamic circumstances officers face
Jamie Borden urges officers to seek continuous training in self-defense and defensive tactics to ensure their safety and effectiveness
Jamie Borden delves into the adequacy of current fitness standards for law enforcement officers
Jamie Borden explores the limitations of academy training and advocates for self-investment to bridge the gap between knowledge and proficiency in policing
Officers believed the suspect to be armed based on witness reports and knew that the suspect had severely beaten the child’s mother
In a recent case, the court reviews police use of force on a compliant subject over the course of a traffic stop
Tactical critiques are extremely valuable — the challenge is understanding the nuances between a tactical critique and a force reasonableness analysis
Imagine how policing could improve if instead of just investigating incidents to find blame, we also investigated incidents to learn how to avoid them happening in the first place
The Supreme Court isn’t as anxious to reinforce the doctrine of qualified immunity as some critics claim
A tense hostage situation unfolded in a McDonald’s parking lot, where a suspect held a woman at knifepoint inside a semi-truck
The county attorney who brought the charges argued that Trooper Ryan Londregan’s use of force was unjustified in the shooting of Ricky Cobb II
Sgt. Erik Duran pleaded not guilty at his arraignment
Salvador Sanchez was holding his young son at a Costco when he was knocked to the ground from behind; Sanchez opened fire seconds later, fatally wounding the man