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Toni Roach

Captain Toni Roach is a certified law enforcement officer and has worked for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Florida for nearly 20 years. Her law enforcement experience includes patrol operations, community policing, school resource officer and training.

Captain Roach holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and is a certified Mental Health First Aid Adult Instructor and a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Public Safety Instructor. Captain Roach worked as a trainer and sergeant of the training unit for three years. Her responsibilities included training and coordinating new member orientation, in-service cycles and overseeing record management and certifications of over 900 certified law enforcement and correctional officers.

In 2016, Captain Roach took on the role of agency liaison for mental health and community collaboration and training in Pasco County. She is a certified CIT coordinator for the Pasco Sheriffs’ Office and three municipalities in Pasco County.

Captain Roach oversees the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Behavioral Health Intervention Team. The mission of the Behavioral Health Intervention Team is to connect those in the community who are at risk due to mental health and/or substance use with services, and make their lives better. This is accomplished through collaboration between law enforcement officers trained in crisis management and behavioral health community providers.

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