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The Patrol Issues topic page offers news, commentary, analysis, and tactical tips that will help prepare police officers for life on the thin blue line.

The initiative aims to alleviate financial burdens for local and state law enforcement by distributing surplus body armor, ensuring better protection for officers on duty
Drownings can happen in any body of water, at any time of the year, anywhere in the country
A guide to proven control tactics, less lawsuits and building community trust through martial arts
Dan O’Brien from HTC Vive Americas discusses how VR training enhances effectiveness and prepares officers for real-world scenarios with precision and efficiency
Discover how the IcyBreeze V2 Portable Air Conditioner performs in extreme heat conditions, ensuring officers stay comfortable during high temperatures
Dr. Jeff Thompson, a retired NYPD detective and current scholar at Columbia University Medical Center, discusses the challenges and strategies in de-escalating crises
This essential technique can mean the difference between life and death, as arterial bleeding can lead to fatal blood loss within minutes
The survey highlights alarming levels of stress and mental health struggles among law enforcement officers
Follow these steps to calm your mind and increase your shooting confidence
Here are the top products Police1 readers bought during Prime Day 2023
These products and services help improve nutrition, exercise effectiveness and sleep quality
Enhance team cohesion by adapting communication strategies, building trust and encouraging mentorship among diverse age groups
Discover how the National Police Athletic League (PAL) is building trust between officers and young people, fostering positive relationships and providing life skills
From quality and appropriate cycling shoes to upgrading your ballistic vest, here are some simple and essential items to add to your safety and comfort
After attending “too many” police funerals, LAPD homicide detective Pierce Brooks compiled a list of errors that were being repeatedly committed in officer-down cases
From waterproof boots to Cat Crap (yes, really), here’s some essential gear to add to your SWAT toolkit
From breaching tools to ballistic shields, the array of options is vast and varied; these tools not only enable officers to gain entry more effectively but also offer enhanced protection
In an era of constrained budgets, this guide illuminates the path for agencies to acquire armored vehicles, vital for officer protection and tactical advantage in high-risk situations
Download this Police1 mobile computers buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Download this Police1 crisis negotiation training and products buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Recognizing when to seek help is crucial yet often obscured by the stigma against mental health treatment
As much as surges in crime are principle to more overtime, so is staffing, department leadership says
Residents talked about increasing partnerships with neighborhood associations and community groups to create safer youth activities in the summer evenings
The survey comes as the NOPD appears poised to begin a process to leave behind federal court oversight after more than a dozen years
Writing a police report is not just an exercise in documentation, it is also an opportunity for evaluation
Just because a person suddenly reports chest pain or breathing problems doesn’t mean they are faking
The suspect, who is considered a delinquent felon under Florida law, was booked into jail with no bond and is facing several felony charges
The motive for the proposed new citation is to help Seattle police crackdown on large street racing events, giving police tools to “hold vehicle owners accountable”
Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel said the new officers will patrol the Kensington area on foot and bicycle, and begin enforcing stricter drug laws this summer