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In 2006, an LAPD tragedy occurred when a robbery suspect shot and paralyzed LAPD officer Kristina Ripatti. In the following years, her husband, LAPD officer Tim Pearce was helping Kristina with physical therapy using ( E-Stim / T.E.N.S unit Electrical Muscle Stimulation.) Tim realized the E-Stim could be used to instantly contract muscles, safely immobilize limbs in strong muscle contraction, and create simulated immobilizing injuries. The (A.U.FIRE) Accuracy Under Fire concept was borne at that moment. In 2022, A.U.FIRE was commercialized as a reality-based Force-on-Force training tool. A.U.FIRE is operated by a trainer with a handheld remote control, who can press a button and contract the arm muscles of a trainee, incapacitating the limb as if they’ve been shot in a force-on-force scenario. A.U.FIRE builds stress inoculation, resiliency, and confidence by providing valuable experiences where trainees can practice worst-case scenarios ahead of time. This develops survival skills that translate into more calm, confident officers with more headspace in high-risk situations. A.U.FIRE fills a critical GAP in LE training, that is, fighting back from an injured condition, typically done ineffectively by pretending to have injuries. A.U.FIRE takes reality-based training to all new levels.