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5 ways your uniform should protect and serve you

If it wrinkles or bags, makes you hot and sweaty, or hinders your movement, is your uniform really serving you?

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Unfortunately, many officers experience the same issues with their uniforms—restrictive movement, overheating, lack of storage or bulky storage, unprofessional appearance, or one-size-fits-all uniform cuts.

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By Christine Williams for Police1 BrandFocus

When you are on a foot chase, or suddenly need to respond to a call, the last thing you want to worry about is your uniform. Unfortunately, many officers experience the same issues with their uniforms—restrictive movement, overheating, lack of storage or bulky storage, unprofessional appearance, or one-size-fits-all uniform cuts.

To address these issues, Flying Cross has mastered proprietary fabric technology to create a one-stop-shop for police and first responder uniforms, solving the five most common uniform issues officers experience.

1. Making moving around easier in Class A and Class B uniforms

For years, law enforcement officers and first responders have struggled with finding Class A uniforms that are functional and Class B uniforms that look professional. Cross FX and Cross FX Elite combine the best of both worlds so that neither command nor the officers have to give up what’s most important to them.

Cross FX provides high-functioning uniforms that give a clean, professional look, yet still allow free movement. Both the Cross FX and Cross FX Elite uniforms have compatible Hybrid Performance Patrol Shirts (short- and long-sleeved) that can be worn with the AeroShell External Armor Cover. The Aeroshell features the industry’s first dual safety closure system for easy donning and doffing daily without disrupting the fit.

Regardless of your role, easy movement, comfort and the ability to rapidly change or remove gear are important for an officer. All Flying Cross’s uniforms are up to the task.

2. Invisible technology regulates your temperature

Cross FX Elite takes the design of Cross FX and adds stretch for greater mobility as well as the performance technology of VaporCore Elite, powered by 37.5. This active particle technology controls the body’s temperature which means that not only does it keep you cool during physical activity or warm temperatures, it also keeps you warm and dry in cold conditions.

The best part? It mitigates odor, which helps you maintain your professional image even when you’ve just finished a foot chase. VaporCore technology is proven not only in law enforcement but in other industries where staying cool, keeping dry and controlling odor matter (like the U.S. Olympic Team).

This technology is only being used by Flying Cross within the public safety market, meaning your department staff can be assured of its authenticity. 37.5 Active Particle Technology works to keep the optimum relative humidity and core temperature of the body, stopping the “wet-cling” and discomfort that can diminish performance.

Keeping officers cool and at peak condition is a brand promise that departments nationwide have come to trust and depend on.

3. Convenient storage for gear and easy care

Many Class A and Class B uniforms lack pockets, which can be a problem for officers. Both the Cross FX and Cross FX Elite have multiple pockets for gear, with a discrete design to add to a clean and professional look.

Though the job relies more on computer files now, the need for gear on your person remains. Cross FX Elite has a 6-pocket Class A or 10-pocket Class B allowing officers to utilize their storage without sacrificing professional appearance. Both uniforms feature Supercrease, a permanent crease technology that never washes out and lasts the life of the garment. Add to that minimal shrinkage after washing and a controlled stretch waistband, and your uniform will continue to hold its shape and texture even after prolonged use.

Additional qualities and features of the Cross FX Elite apparel include:

  • Extremely soft touch
  • Repels liquid
  • Great color retention
  • Easy to care for and durable
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Great abrasion resistance

Cross FX Elite uniforms also have Camera/Communications-Ready Ports to accommodate those officers equipped with body cams, radios and the need to hide and manage equipment wires which can encumber mobility when conducting day-to-day tasks.

4. You’ll look more professional

Class A uniforms are designed to establish professionalism and authority as soon as the officer appears on the scene. With this mission in mind, the Cross FX Class A uniforms were designed to create clean, crisp lines while maintaining functionality. The Class A Duty Shirt features pleated pockets and a Supercrease, ensuring a professional appearance even on long shifts. The Duty Pant likewise has a sharp Supercrease and six lay-flat pockets, including two concealed zip-closure cargo pockets with a zipper garage that makes the pocket completely blend into the design of a Class A pant.

5. Not a one-size-fits-all fit for men and women

Uniforms cut for the wrong body type can have a detrimental effect on movement and appearance. Take for example how often female officers struggle with baggy tops, tight bottoms and inconveniently placed pockets. The ProX Signature Fit is available in both Cross FX and Cross FX Elite. This fit offers women a more professional, comfortable wear without bagging in the seat and thighs, as well as a classic, professional taper in the leg. Designed using 3D technology, ProX Signature Fit offers a wide range of sizes for women.

Trousers cut for males often results in pinching in the mid-section and seat and unprofessional-looking high waters. The Pro-Signature Fit offers ease in the seat, hip and thigh to allow a range of motion and a tapered leg design to allow for a more professional appearance.

If you’re wondering how Flying Cross’ uniforms offer its wearers so many advantages that work for the law enforcement lifestyle, it’s because it listened to police and first responders nationwide and actually addressed their most common complaints about uniforms. The Cross FX and Cross FX Elite lines are designed to ensure you that no matter what the job throws at you, your uniform will move with you and protect you.

With nearly two centuries worth of design and manufacturing expertise, Flying Cross offers the world’s largest stock of public safety uniforms. That means that Cross FX and Cross FX Elite uniforms are always in stock, on time, and readily available to service your agency or department needs.

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