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It is hard to think of any technology that has seen such rapid and widespread integration into law enforcement operations as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also known as drones. From search and rescue to traffic collision reconstruction, crime scene analysis to active shooter response, the use cases seem endless and at a fraction of the cost of traditional police air assets. The Police1 Drones topic page contains news and resources to help you find the right equipment and applications for your police drone program. Research features, learn key considerations when developing drone policies and more.

Field demonstration shows initial capabilities of end-to-end, dynamic network resource provisioning on a 5G network to enhance situational awareness for public safety personnel
CAPE drone software enables remote drone pilot flight control with geofencing, collision avoidance and other features
“I’m going to be steadfast in making sure our policies provide the safeguards to protect your privacy as well as mine,” Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick said. “As well as every member of this police department”
The growth of the global public safety drone market is driven by rise in awareness of the capabilities and benefits of public safety drones, increase in need for streamlined operations, and government investments in R&D
Instead of arresting offenders, officers share the drone video with the teens’ parents and schools
The woman was waiting for a ride in the lobby of the Westborough Police Department when she intentionally set a clothing donation box on fire
This growth is primarily driven by innovations in jamming and electronic warfare technologies, signaling a significant shift in public safety and law enforcement tactics
Navigating the key factors for a successful public safety drone initiative
Bonded cellular technology enables resilient high-quality live mobile streaming
US drone manufacturer Skydio leveraged the Thermal by FLIR program to create a superior longwave infrared payload based on the Boson+ thermal camera module