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The Police1 Drones topic page contains news and resources to help you find the right equipment and applications for your police drone program. Research features, learn key considerations when developing drone policies and more.

Launching or expanding a drone program requires meticulous attention to considerations like privacy, regulatory compliance, budgeting, and integration
DFR programs can improve response efficiency, address workforce limitations and contribute to de-escalation efforts, in addition to other benefits
This technology ushers in a new level of efficiency and safety in critical situations invaluable to cops on the ground
Fremont becomes the first city to implement a drone as first responder program in both its police and fire departments
Calif. police negotiate the peaceful surrender of a suspect involved in a shooting and child abduction case
Potential uses of the findings include wildfire fighting
Enhancing law enforcement capabilities through technology
FEDS initial purchase of eBee VISION represents a first in the Middle East
The drone’s features are specially calibrated for outdoor search-and-rescue and first-responder cases
Organizations will work together to support the growing Drone as First Responder (DFR) initiative
The man had broken into at least two businesses and threatened to kill at least three people, including his parents, before barricading himself inside an apartment