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Police Recruitment

Meet Alison Funaiock: Newport News Police Department’s trailblazing captain, former SWAT sniper and community advocate
The public expects police to be professionals — police agencies should expect no less from the psychologists who evaluate their personnel
Agency leadership needs to trust the judgment of training personnel and deal with small problems before they become big ones
Funaiock discusses her role as a police captain, how SWAT prepared her for leadership and her vision for women’s roles and promotion in law enforcement
“I hope that we are able to work together as a team to make Seattle Police Department the most attractive department for women to come to work,” interim Chief Sue Rahr said
Officials said the return-to-work officers will earn $31.89 an hour for their first year back, including longevity pay once the hiring packet is completed
The study analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine which states experienced the highest and lowest growth rates between 2022 and 2023
“I have real concerns with the numbers on the police force, but the only thing we can do is put our efforts toward the recruiting process,” Councilman Anthony Coghill said
The Raleigh Police Department has between 80 and 90 vacancies, while the Durham County Sheriff’s Office has a 37% vacancy rate
The new legislation encourages a change in testing methods and adds new recruiting staff members with the goal of responding to applicants faster
The 2023 law set aside money to expedite training for Washington State Patrol recruits who are already certified law enforcement officers
The city council budgeted funding for 720 officers this year, but 296 positions remain unfilled
Currently, the Minneapolis Police Department is grappling with a shortage of over 200 officers, having lost 40% of its force in the past four years
This seasoned police veteran and aspiring congresswoman outlines her vision for restoring and enhancing public safety and law enforcement support
The new contract raises starting pay for Seattle Police Department officers from $83,000 to $103,000, with a raise after six months up to $110,000
“Work in Wyoming, where breaking the law is still illegal & cops are funded!” the billboard commissioned by Laramie County Sheriff Brian Kozak reads
Chief Wayne Jones said the cruiser represents the PD’s “dedication to recruiting the best and brightest individuals to serve our community”
Twenty-three candidates will be given the opportunity to take a new psychological test as the city reviews the evaluation process to ensure fairness
The survey looks at three key areas: opportunity and competition, law enforcement training requirements, and job hazards and protections
Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke recently responded to a call involving an armed suspect himself because there were no deputies available to send to the scene
Learn the latest tactics for recruiting the best candidates
Most agencies conduct exit interviews when employees leave, but why wait until someone quits?
Feedback from officers in Police1’s State of the Industry survey reveals widespread dissatisfaction, with many planning to leave their positions and hesitating to recommend law enforcement as a career choice
The move marks an effort to slow rising turnover rate and maintain staffing levels
Through a unique blend of mentorship, wellness and community engagement, Dayton PD’s program equips recruits with the tools to thrive in their careers
The pair of classes will each add 600 new recruits, raising the total tally of new NYPD recruits in 2024 to 2,400
Analysis shows that an average of 31 recruits per academy class graduate to become officers, about half the number needed to keep pace with Mayor Karen Bass’ plan to reach 9,500 officers
A new report by the COPS Office highlights effective strategies for engaging young people in law enforcement careers
The move to longer shifts can allow departments to put more officers on the streets during peak times and alleviate staffing shortages, a study by the Policing Institute found